How to Stay Safe on a Motorcycle

Riding on a motorcycle can be a new driving adventure where you experience a whole new level of driving freedom. Although riding a motorcycle can be incredible, you are still driving. Driving in any of its forms can be dangerous, especially when you are driving a motorcycle. Each year approximately four thousand motorcyclists lose their lives while driving on their motorcycles. The death toll is really high for motorcyclists (Motorcycle Legal Foundation, 2018). The main causes for this are usually due to not driving a motorcycle that matches their driving capabilities, not wearing the appropriate safety gear, or the irresponsible driving of others on the road.

Staying Safe on a Motorcycle

Drive responsibly on your motorcycle, and make sure you’re ready to be on the road every time you drive your motorcycle. You can’t be accountable for the driving of others, but you can be responsible for your safety while riding on your motorcycle. Following these simple tips can drastically improve your safety and reduce your risk for accidents while riding your motorcycle on the road.

  1. Ride a Motorcycle Within Your Driving Capabilities

Whether you are a new rider or an experienced one, it is important to always remember that not all motorcycles are built the same. Some motorcycles are made for simple commuting, long-distance driving, and racing. It’s also worth mentioning that your size matters in how well you handle, and control, a motorcycle when riding. When choosing a motorcycle, the first step in narrowing down your choices is by first knowing your reason for driving and how often you’ll be riding it. What comes second is factoring in your height, and build, when choosing the right motorcycle for you to drive. We all have been tempted to bend the truth when it comes to height and weight, but that’s ill advisable if you plan on driving a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle suited to your height and weight gives you the best control over the steering. Driving a motorcycle that doesn’t fit your height and weight can unnecessarily put your life at risk every time you’re on the road (Motorcycle Legal Foundation, 2018).

  1. Wear the Proper Safety Gear

Wearing safety gear when you’re riding on a motorcycle increases your chances of survival if you are ever in an accident. It may sound morbid, but it is something that you should always be prepared for when driving on the road with cars. Street clothes, although comfortable, are not proper safety gear. To ensure your safety, you should wear a helmet, jacket, pants, boots, gloves, and eye protection while riding a motorcycle.

  • Helmet: The most important safety equipment you will need while riding, a helmet is required in nearly all states while riding in the United States. Be sure that the helmet you choose is certified through DOT, SNELL, or any other certifying agencies, ensuring that your helmet meets specific helmet safety standards (Motorcycle Legal Foundation, 2018).
  • Motorcycle Jacket: Motorcycle jackets are durable, less prone to shredding, and provide more protection than street clothes during a fall or accident. They should be bought with comfort and fit in mind, and not the design (Motorcycle Legal Foundation, 2018).
  • Motorcycle Pants: These can easily be worn over shorts and jeans. Motorcycle pants are durable and are less prone to shredding, unlike jean pants, and offer protection for your lower body if you are ever in an accident (Motorcycle Legal Foundation, 2018).
  • Boots: Motorcycle boots offer great protection, but it can be argued that hiking boots are good enough to ride in as long as the laces are secure and will not become entangled on the bike (Motorcycle Legal Foundation, 2018).
  • Gloves: They offer your hands protection from sunburn, windburn, debris blown from the wind, and bugs when riding your motorcycle. Wearing gloves also gives you a stronger grip for a safer riding experience (Motorcycle Legal Foundation, 2018).
  • Eye Protection: If you’re wearing a helmet with a three-quarter helmet, or a full-face helmet, then eye protection is not a concern for you. However, if you’re wearing a half helmet, then it is best to also wear riding goggles or glasses so that your eyes are protected from bugs and debris (Motorcycle Legal Foundation, 2018).

Motorcycle vs. Car

Even when you do everything right, motor vehicle accidents still occur every day. Unfortunately, this is especially true for motorcyclists in busy cities in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Driving in these states can be brutal, so in the event you need a Connecticut, New Jersey, or New York motorcycle accident lawyer, make sure you hire the best. If you are in an accident caused by the recklessness of another driver, then get a free consultation on your case. Know what an accident lawyer can do for you before you hire them. The best accident lawyers will fill out the accident forms and insurance reports with you or for you. There will be no legal fees from the best accident lawyers unless they get money for you, and even then, there are no legal fees for any money recovered for the damages to your motorcycle. If you’re a person with no health insurance, then hiring the best motorcycle accident lawyer can, and will, fight for your medical treatment to be paid by the defendant at the end of your case (Franckel and Plevy, N.A.). If you know you are not in the wrong, then hire the best motorcycle accident lawyer that will fight for you.

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