How To Choose Pallet Type

If we categorize them according to the material they are made from, there are six types. Wooden Pallet Supplier Malaysia is the most common, but you can also find Euro pallets made from wood fibre, cardboard or plastic, expanded polystyrene, and metal.
It is important to consider the weight of each pallet when choosing a material. This is also dependent on the structure’s weight. The pallet will be more resistant if it has a higher weight. To achieve higher efficiency, certain materials like fibre and polystyrene have been developed. Let’s examine the specific characteristics of each.

Pallets can be chosen based on their weight and resistance

After determining the dimensions of the pallets, you will need to determine the intended use for the structure. What can each pallet hold? What are your reactions to shocks?

This depends to a certain extent on the weight of the parts and how they are assembled. This ensures that the pallet can support the maximum load possible, and also adds resistance to impact and bending. They can be divided into three types depending on their resistance level:

One-way light pallets: They can weigh up to 9kg and are the most cost-effective. These pallets tend to be empty after the first use, and they are often used for storage and export because the pallets cannot normally be recovered.

Heavy pallets: These pallets have an average weight of 17-25 kilos and are more durable than lighter ones. These pallets can be reused and are used often in industries that transport large loads. They are durable, which is their strength and makes them more cost-effective in the long-term.

Medium pallets: weighing between 10-16 kilos and larger, they are an intermediate option to the other options. They aim to be efficient between the pallet’s weight and the load it can carry.

Types of pallets based on their material

Pallets are made from three main materials: plastic, cardboard, and wood. There are six types of pallets available on the market.

1. Wooden pallets

The market is dominated by wooden pallets also call in malay (Pallet Kayu). They are most popular because of their resistance, reliability, and low price. The UNE-EN 12246 standard defines the “Wood quality categories used in pallets or packaging”.

The sawn wood used to make pallets is mainly made from this:

  • Conifers are evergreen trees such as fir, pine and larch. This wood type is lighter, but more durable than the others.
  • Leafy trees are those that have leaves. These include birch and alder, maple, alder, alder, chestnut, maple, chestnut and poplar. Because it produces a stronger and heavier wood, it is known for its quality.

To be exported, the pallets must be properly treated. Heat Treatment ISPM15 is the norm that ensures proper disinfection of wood. It must be clearly marked.

2. Wood fibre pallets

As an eco-friendly and lighter option to wooden pallets, wood fibre pallets were created. These pallets are made of wood chips and amino compounds, which makes them easy to recycle.

Because they conform to ISPM15 standards, they can be exported. In addition, their weight helps reduce transport costs. It is smaller than traditional wooden pallets, but it offers a unique resistance. Fibre pallets are free from nails and screws which prevents it from tearing.

3. Cardboard pallets

Since it is disposable, the cardboard pallet falls under the one-way pallet category. It is distinguished by its lightness, which can vary between 0.95 to 4.50 kg. It is lightweight, depending on its size, and can be used once only. This ensures optimal hygiene conditions. Because the corrugated cardboard pieces have been glued together, they don’t need nails or screws.

4. Plastic pallets

Plastic pallets are made from polyethene or polypropylene, and other high-density materials. These compact plastics are resistant to stacking and can be washed easily. Because they are stronger, they are often used in industrial logistics as an alternative to cardboard.

5. Expanded polystyrene pallets

Expanded polystyrene can also be called polyexpan. Expanded polystyrene pallets are similar to the plastic ones. They have a constant lighter weight than wooden ones. The main advantage is the low cost. They can also be exported.

6. Metal pallets

Metal pallets can withstand dynamic loads up to 2,000 kilos. You can choose to make them from either steel or aluminum. These are the most expensive on the market but they are extremely efficient because of their long life span. These can be lifted with cranes.


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