Virtual Receptionist is the Ultimate Hope for Your Business

In this blog post, we’re here to talk today about one of our main focuses that is virtual receptionist service and a lot of people when I just speak with them what do you do and we mentioned virtual receptionist I mean I’ve had responses from a hologram somebody that greets a computer image that greets people in lobbies all the way to automated phone systems you know push one for sales push two for customer service.

What is a live virtual phone receptionist?

We’re here to explain a bit more about a live virtual phone receptionist so I’m going to leave it to it and also part of that is to dispel some of those misconceptions about what it takes to have a virtual receptionist what is the process looks like to get reasonable virtual receptionist pricing and really truly how easy it is to incorporate that into your business so that you do have a consistent phone answering or consistent first impression for your customers every time that phone rings.

Outsourcing a receptionist service

The benefit of hiring or outsourcing a receptionist service is first of all you’re not quite sure what your phone volume is going to be and do you really want to have someone sitting at a front desk that is not quite sure if you’re going to have a phone call once an hour or maybe 10 times an hour and so you’re paying somebody to really just be accessible so the best way to maximize that situation is to outsource and have somebody that’s just available every time that phone rings with that consistent image really building on what you’re already doing but providing.

Now it’s so competitive and there are a lot of startup businesses so virtual receptionist pricing goes up slightly. Internet is making it extremely accessible for the consumer to reach your competition and so if you aren’t answering that phone call you’re going to miss the business it’s just that simple.

Why virtual receptionist service is better than the automated service?

You’re looking for different businesses to provide you with something when potential customers are calling your business and they call one company and they get a nice professional receptionist in a very feasible virtual receptionist pricing and they get transferred to the right person even if they’re unavailable at that time it’s a much better image than the subscriber you have called is unavailable please leave a message and everything now is automated every time you call a business it seems like I’m getting an automated service and that’s extremely irritating my time is valuable the consumer’s time is valuable and so I want that personal touch so that the caller or the client or the customer whatever it is that you refer to that person as knows that you’re serious about business and you’re reachable. You’re available if you want to have a connection with that person.

Why real person taking message is beneficial than voicemail?

Why in-universe is having a real person take a dictated message down on a piece of paper or into an email for you is better than voicemail we’re all carrying around a cell phone right. Suppose I’m walking around and I get prompted that I’ve got a voicemail it’s now recorded into my email I can listen to it at my leisure. I have a recorded message of that call that if I ever need to go back and make a reference to the details you know a lot of times when we’re out and about in the cell phone rings and we think we’re going to answer a phone call but we don’t get the call because something’s going on in the background so the best part about having a receptionist take that message or screen the call is you can answer the calls that are most important in basic virtual receptionist pricing package.

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