How to Recover Deleted Photos from an Android Phone

This Article is all about how to recover deleted photos from android?

Our smartphones are our best handy gadgets to click the perfect selfies, share our precious moments and relish our old memories. Unfortunately, the limited space on our smartphones pushes us to repeatedly keep on cleaning the storage and make room for upcoming photos. During the cleaning process, we often end up deleting the precious photos that we always wanted to back up on our computer hard drive.

Not everyone is aware of how to recover deleted photos from the Android gallery however this article is a lifesaver for those who can’t afford to lose their precious moments captured in their smartphones. Here you will explore how to recover photos on Android with the manual process, or with the help of the best photo recovery app for Android.

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Manual Method: Recover Deleted Photos from an Android

manual method

Android has a special feature to recover deleted data from your device if you have turned on the Backup and Sync feature. All the photos and videos that you delete stays in the trash for 60 days before they are finally deleted permanently. You can always go ahead and restore them from the backup.

Step 1. Go to your Android smartphone or tab and open the Google Photos app.

Step 2. At the bottom of the app, tap on Library and go to Trash.

Step 3. Tap and hold the photo or video you wish to restore. You can select multiple items at a time.

Step 4. Tap on the Restore button and the photos or videos will be recovered.

“Please Note: These Photos or Videos will only restore back in your phone’s gallery app, Google Photos library or the albums it was stored earlier. If you can’t find the items in your trash, they can’t be restored with this process.”

If your photos or videos are not there in the trash, there can be several possibilities. You may have moved them to the trash for over 60 days ago, you emptied the trash after you moved them, you permanently deleted your stuff from the trash or the device’s gallery app. It is always advisable to turn on back up & sync so that you can find and recover photos easily.

It is also advisable to download and install the Google Photos app to swiftly store and manage your photos and videos on FREE cloud storage. There are a lot of benefits of storing data on Google Photos as you can free up space on the device, sync your data on multiple devices, keep it safe and never lose your important data.

Manual Method: Export Deleted Photos from Google Photos

Export Deleted Photos from Google Photos

If you have already made a smart move earlier by enabling the Backup and Sync feature, it’s time to reap the benefits. Regardless you have accidentally deleted photos from your device, you can always import them from the Google Photos app.

Step 1. Go to the Google Photos app on your device.

Step 2. Tap and hold the image to select multiple images or videos.

Step 3. Tap on the menu at the top right and tap on the ‘Save to Device’ option.

Step 4. All the selected photos will be restored back on the device gallery.

Automatic Method: Using the Best Photo Recovery App for Android

Best Photo Recovery App for Android

Photos Recovery App by Systweak is a wonderful app to find and recover deleted photos from device storage, formatted SD card or internal memory. You can look up images from the day you first used this phone.

Step 1. Open Google Play Store and search for ‘Photos Recovery App by Systweak’.

Step 2. Download and Install Photos Recovery App on your smartphone.

Step 3. Open the app and allow permissions to gain access to your internal and external storage. Go through the quick tutorial on how to recover photos on Android.

Step 4. Tap on the ‘Start Scan’ button to search recoverable media on the device.

Step 5. Select internal or external memory to initiate the scan.

Step 6. On completion, it will group the results and show you the scan results.

Step 7. Tap to preview recoverable images before selecting them to recover.

Step 8. Recoverable images will make a group as per folders they belong to like hidden, cache, WhatsApp, screenshots, etc. Tap and hold the folder you wish to recover from. You can also sort them by name, size, or date.

Step 9. Once selected, tap on the download button on the top to restore selected photos to storage.

Step 10. You can also share the recovered photos directly on any platform.

Summing Up

Deleting images without backup can be daunting at times. Accidentally deleted images are also at risk if you have not enabled Backup and Sync on your Android device. We recommed to use Google Photos and wisely utilize cloud storage space offered by Google. In an emergency, you can always make use of the best photo recovery app for Android. Photos Recovery app is a trusted app that can recover your deleted photos and media files from your device in no time.


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