The Importance of Social Learning Network in 2021

What is a Social Learning Network and importance of social learning network? Many of us must be still unaware of this term. So, a social learning network is one that has some features of social media but focused on education. Similar to LinkedIn, this network connects teachers and students on a single platform. They can build useful connections which help them conduct and attend their online classes feasibly.

So, this network has become the need of an hour as most of the students prefer to learn online. Furthermore, observing the demand in online education, these networks are proving helpful for students to boost their learning. Now, both teachers and students can fulfill their educational needs via a single platform.

Many online studies and reports have also suggested that learning socially helps students focus more on their studies as they observe and learn from each other’s learning patterns.

In 2021, where we live in a technology-driven world, students can make the most of their learning through various learning platforms. On the other hand, teachers can teach with the help of teaching platforms. These networks are very beneficial for the education industry as they provide the feature of both learning and teaching platforms in a single place.

Let us now look at some of the benefits that these networks provide in the Education Sector

Benefits & Importance Of Social Learning Network

Smooth Collaboration between Teachers and Students

As we mentioned earlier, these networks help teachers and students to connect and collaborate with each other. Students can get access to many top educators who are experts in the education industry and learn from them. The same is not possible with traditional learning as students have to commute to their classroom and follow a strict timetable to get knowledge from their teachers. It, therefore, bridges the gap between teachers and students and lets them conduct their Online classes in a hassle-free manner.

Get Access to Numerous Study Materials

Unlike an online learning platform, these networks have a variety of study materials and other educational resources that helps students learn better. Students get access to innovative courses and study materials like audios, videos, e-books, presentations and much more. This in turn keeps students engaged and focused on their learning as they get to learn from interactive sources.

Learn with Classmates & Toppers

The best part about learning through these networks is that students can learn socially with their classmates and study together. Students who wish to learn with their friends can make the most of this approach. They can get connected with them, take up online classes, share notes, join learning groups and much more. In addition to this, students can read blogs and tips shared by toppers on these networks and excel in their examination.

Engage In fun Activities while Learning

These networks provide many fun interactive activities to let students engage in their learning. The use of gamification is implemented in most of these networks. Gamification means incorporating gaming techniques or other fun activities to engage in their learning. Students can take advantage of various techniques like storytelling videos, quizzes, etc. and be motivated towards their learning.


These networks are affordable for both learners as well as educators. These networks provide courses and study materials that have flexible payment modes and the costs are comparatively cheaper than the traditional education. Students can get access to various courses from experienced teachers at a low cost. Many social networks provide access to free courses and other educational content as well.

On the other hand, similar to an online teaching platform, teachers can save the financial burden by establishing their online teaching journey on these networks. They need to pay a one-time amount to start teaching online or some networks do provide free facilities as well.


social learning network have a lot of benefits which we saw above. Its contribution to the education sector is immense as now students and teachers can get connected with each other from various parts of the world and continue to conduct their online classes. Not only this but it engages students in their learning via fun activities, interactive study materials and so on. As per many studies, the online learner base in India is huge and will continue to grow in the coming years so the importance of these networks will be huge and cannot be neglected.

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