How To Start A Home-Based Daycare Business

If you’ve ever dreamed of starting your own home-based daycare business, we’ve got some tips to make the dream a reality. First of all, there are many types of licenses and certifications that you will need to operate legally and provide quality care.

But if you’re ready to start the process now, we’ve put together a ‘how-to guide that will help you get your business up and running quickly, with little risk or expense. 

What is a home-based child care business?

A home-based child care business is a program that provides childcare services in the home of one of the parents, family members, or relative. Often, only part-time care is needed. Services include any service available in a home setting and are provided by staff.

Who benefits?

Anyone who has a child under age 12 who needs care. The parent/guardian can get more time for themselves or their spouse or the elderly or disabled, who need extra help. Parents may also benefit if they can no longer work and need childcare.

Why is this a good business?

Many reasons make home-based child care an excellent fit for most families. They include:

  1.   No more child care expenses. Parents do not have to pay for daycare since their children will be cared for in their own homes, at minimal cost or possibly even free.
  2.   You can sleep in! If you or your spouse wake up early and need a morning wake-up call from your child, you can get that. Most children start the day before their parents.
  3.   You don’t need to pay for teaching certifications. At this time, no government agencies require certification of parent-child caregivers in Canada, so your self-study and experience cover most hours as a parent.
  4.   You are not restricted to a certain number of hours per day. Whereas centers can be closed from time to time, usually during holidays, you can open your program as much as you need.
  5.   Your business will be there for your children when needed. You can set it up so that the children don’t go back and forth between different centers.
  6.   You can offer care during emergencies of any kind, including holidays or times when the employer must travel for personal reasons. Many families benefit from this.
  7.   Your charge will be higher because you are providing a program of home-based care.

How much does it cost?

Costs depend on many factors, including the type of license in your province/territory, your location, and the number of hours you will provide in a day. Generally, fees range from $10 to $50 per hour per child, depending on the type and location of your business. The prices may include initial training, supervising caregivers, and insurance coverage.

When do I need a license?

If you wish to open a private daycare center, the most common type of business, you will need a license.

The license requirements vary from province to province and territory. Some areas also require that an applicant complies with the Child Care Facilities Licensing Act and Regulations (Ontario) or Municipal Licensing Bylaw (British Columbia). Many businesses choose to become licensed under the Child Care Facilities Licensing Act and Regulations (Ontario), including Mandatory Criminal Record Checks. For more information regarding licensing requirements, don’t hesitate to contact your local ministry of education.

Bottom Line

If you are a parent looking to gain more time to interact and spend time with their child, or a family caregiver who wishes to find their own Daycare Business, this guide will help you get started.

 It also covers how to start up your business and which tools to use as you develop it.

Although the process can take from 6 months to 2 years, it does not need a significant investment of money or space until the business takes off. Just like My Wunder Care, it is also a very flexible business and works great for single parents, working parents, and young families.

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