Important Of Horoscope Matching

Horoscope, in astrology is a graph of the heavens, indicating the comparative roles of the Sun, the Moon, the planets, and the ascendant and mid-heaven hints of the zodiac at a particular period in time. A horoscope gives information about the present and predicts circumstances to appear.Horoscope matching contemplates to be the first and main step in completing the wedding prospect between the groom and bride. Since ages, match horoscope has always been a crucial ceremony to start with the procedure of a wedding. Horoscope&kundali holds to have a crucial consequence in Vedic Astrology.

What is Horoscope Matching?

Horoscope matching is the procedure of matching horoscopes (the astrological birth chart) of the coming bride and the groom. People state that if both the “horoscopes and kundalini” match with each other, assuming all the applicable doshas and yogas, the couple will have a comfortable and wealthy married life.

While a huge piece of the Hindu Society obeys and believes in this process of horoscope matching, not many of us are familiar with the purpose and importance of this critical ceremony. Let’s discover what brings horoscope matching so important and relevant in Vedic Astrology.

How to match horoscope?

People believe that a horoscope or birth chart is prepared with utmost accuracy and detailing, can disclose some of the considerable and widest facts of the individual’s life (past, present, and future). It is through the horoscope where an astrologer can realize all the significant elements and aspects of the person. According to Vedic astrology, the purpose of the planetary roles and activities in the horoscope shapes the nature of a person.

Hence, after the wedding when the couple would stay with each other, the planetary situations and movements can exert effect and influence life as well as the future of the partner. So, there is a need to perform horoscope matching to see if there is a compatibility of planets and stars in both the partners’ horoscope or kundali.

What is the Importance of Horoscope Matching?

According to basic Astrology, the major and hugest justification for conforming to the horoscope before getting married is to confirm that the couple will have a pleased, wealthy, and long married life. One of the popular and well-known astrologers ‘BejanDaaruwala’, quoted; “the significance and importance of horoscope matching are very important in life if a person wants to guarantee that the marriage will be successful”. Astrologers assume that the horoscope of a person predicts the nature of the person. Therefore, before giving married and through horoscope matching, one can know if the other person is serious for the marriage, how will be the compatibility and relationship between the couple and other such significant characteristics that participate to the success and loss of any marriage.

Ashtakoota Matching Explained

The planet Moon plays an important function in everyone’s life, and hence its significant to match the horoscope for marriage. The planet Moon rules over mortal emotions. Both men and women survey the Moon Nakshatra before the wedding for a successful married life ahead. Ashtakoota is the compatibility of the Moon Nakshatras. The phrase Ashtkoota pertains to the eight points, which requires testing during Nakshatra checking for the wedding. Varna Koota, VashyaKoota, Tara Koota, Yoni Koota, GrahaMaitriKoota, GanaKoota, RashiKoota, and NadiKoota are some of the other names of Ashtakoota.

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