Interesting Facts About Baccarat

Baccarat, at least in America, has by no means quite risen to the common fame of games like blackjack and roulette. However, what was once a game meant for only the best, has been adapted so that anyone can play, and thus, it is attracting more players than ever before. What can’t be ignored is the history that surrounds this game, which so few fully understand. Any casino enthusiast should be well-versed in their baccarat history knowledge, but for many, that is not the case.


In this article, we will lay out some interesting facts about baccarat that both new players as well as seasoned veterans can be grateful for.

Its Name Has Changed Based On The Location:

As mentioned, บาราค่า was originally a game designed for the rich who had deep pockets. In its earliest iterations, it was a zero-sum game and players actually took and gave money to each other through their wins and losses.

History Of Other Versions:

Going way back to gambling history, it should be pointed out that the very first version of the game was known as baccarat Banque, Banque, as in French for bank. The player who was designated the banker was in charge of paying out winning players and collecting losses. The “baccarat Banque” version was played in Europe during the majority of the 1700s. Then, it evolved the first time. The next version is Chemin de fer in France during the 1800s.

Difference Between Versions:

The main difference between the two versions is that no longer was one player tasked with the banking responsibilities for the entire table. In fact, if you see a game where players are passing around a big shoe, you are witnessing this French version of the game. Now, Americans have actually adopted a third version of the game that has origins in another area of the world is Cuba.

Affordable Versions:

Because casinos in Havana knew that much of their customers were not going to be able to have enough money the high stakes version of baccarat, they implemented a version of the game called punto banco. The aim of punto banco was to create a game that felt like baccarat, but did away with the affected ceremonies that most players deemed needless in the first place.

Results Of Versions:

The result was a version that no longer relied on player banking, but now adopted the more conventional house banking practice in which players bet against the casino. Another feature of the game that was different is that players no longer passed around the commerce show, and a usual dealer was implemented.


In the end, Americans decided that this was the best method to play in all. As you would almost certainly expect, slits take the top spot for the most gainful games for the house. Honestly, it is not even close. Today, you will find this punto blanco version of the game in casinos under the name as “mini baccarat.”

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