Is Melted Wax Toxic?

The world has changed. The things we thought were 100% safe have turned toxic. Maybe it is because of the chemical knowledge that has been changing our natural ways of doing things. For instance, you could have been working with melted wax for the last few years. And probably you have never explored whether wax melts are toxic. Relax!  Numerous research studies have been done to explore the toxicity nature of the wax melts. In addition, I did some thorough investigation to address this question, and here are my findings. 

Effects of Burning Wax

There are claims that some wax melt chemical composition might affect one`s health when burned. It is worth noting wax melts are usually made from soy or paraffin. These solids act as their fuels when burning. When these products are lit, they tend to produce fumes in the air. A lot of research studies have been done to explore the composition of these fumes. However, researchers have conclusively agreed that some of these products, including carbon (iv) oxide and water, are less harmful to one`s health. Although there are numerous products are that are released when some of these wax melts are lit, they do not pose any danger to the well-being of users.

Effects of ingested Wax Melts

The utilization of wax melts has been expanding progressively. Due to its less poisonous nature, people have been embracing wax melts in sealing products that are used as food. For instance, cake bakers have been adopting the art of using wax to stick their decorations on cakes. Others have been using wax to seal such cakes in various packages. Accidently, you could have swallowed some wax, and you might be wondering whether it might affect your health. You need to understand that wax is not poisonous. However, if you continuously ingest a large portion of wax, your digestive system might not be eliminated it to the latter. This aspect means that it might accumulate in your intestines and lead to what doctors call intestinal obstruction.


In the recent past, some medical concerns claimed that melt wax is used to make candles that can harm your health. The claim based its argument on the fact that most of these candles are made using wicks coated with lead. The aspect meant that the candles could release some fumes that can harm people`s health when lit. However, in modern days, such candles are no longer produced. For instance, in the USA, usage of any leaded products has thoroughly been aborted. Therefore, there are no chances of being affected by the poisonous effects of such candles.  

In a nutshell, there have been claims across the globe about the toxicity of wax melts. However, most of these claims hold no water as they do not have tangible scientific proof. Therefore, you can continue exploring your creativity in using wax to craft various items without fear. Unless you doubt the kind of wax you are using, you can continue enjoying the delicious scents produced by some of these wax melts.

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