Magnet Fishing Tips to Help You Succeed 

For many people, magnet fishing is more than a hobby, and they don’t hesitate to jump on any opportunity to go hunting for treasure. While the sport is similar to fishing, it differs in the sense that the magnet fisherman is not looking to catch fish. So what is the act all about you may ask? It simply entails a bit of a treasure hunt that takes place in the water. What are they hunting you ask? Metal pieces have found their way into the water and are hidden deep in the water away from the visible eyes.

Thinking of getting out there to try magnet fishing? You surely will need to learn a few things to help you succeed in your treasure hunt. You will also need to have the right equipment you need to succeed. While a cone magnet makes the job easy for many people, understanding the basic tricks to increase your chances of finding metal in the water is key to enjoying the sport. Below you will learn more about magnet fishing and how to become a pro even if you are just starting.

What is Magnet Fishing?

The name says much about what goes on here, it involves the use of a magnet attached to a fishing line that makes it possible to find metal objects hidden in the water. It is similar to metal detecting as both acts involve looking for hidden treasures. But in the case of magnet fishing, you are looking for metal pieces in the water while metal detecting takes place on land. Read more about How to Get Maximum Number of Fishes While Fishing.

Nowadays, it is common to see a team of fishermen with equipment on a boat heading out to sea, and the goal is not to catch fish but to go search for hidden treasures in the sea. There is no denying that the sea is a potential abode for metal pieces that have found their way into the ocean and could have been lying on the sea bed for years. And as the waves disturb the sea these metal pieces can swim along with the tides waiting to be reeled in.

But the act of magnet fishing is more like a hobby as the satisfaction derived from the element of surprise attached to it for many is therapeutic. You never can be sure what you will find when you are at sea. Nails, broken pieces of fishing vessels, or even parts of artifacts that date back to world war 2 are some of the top items on the list.

Extreme caution is needed as you can’t always tell what you have on your reel before you reel it in. Pistols and grenades have been found in the past and beginner magnet fishermen will need to exercise caution whenever they head out. This page has more on magnet fishing as a hobby.

Magnet Fishing Tips for Beginners and Pro

The expert will always agree that there is a lot of fun waiting for you when you prepare adequately for magnet fishing. So the first thing you need is adequate preparation. Before you head out to the water, be sure that you are in the right frame of mind both mentally and physically. Some people attest to the fact that it can be therapeutic and help you relax on a stressful day. Still, you want to make sure that it is entirely safe for you to be out there especially if you will be alone on the quest.

Location Matters

“Location, location, location.” This was the first thing that Clay founder of Brute Magnetics had to say when I asked for his advice for making the best use of your time at sea. The entrepreneur who has been going on quests with his father to look for metal pieces in local lakes since the 1960s was certain that this was key to getting the best out of the time spent on magnet fishing.

The best areas to begin your search are populated areas and if you happen to find one that is surrounded by a water body, there is a good chance that you have struck gold. Another good place is near a bridge as it is common for people to throw things into the water while standing on a bridge. Metal coins, locks, jewelry, and nails are some of the items you can find when you fish in waters below a bridge.

Another place you can be sure to find good items is near swimming areas. This is because people most time forget to empty the contents of their pockets before getting onto the water. So there is a good chance that you will find something to bring back home at the end of your quest.

Pay Close Attention to the Rope

You want to start by getting a good rope that to enough to pull your catch out of the water. It could be disappointing to find something in the water and while pulling it up, the rope snags. This can be avoided if you make do with only quality rope during your outings. The rule is to choose a rope that will match the strength of your magnet.

You will also need to use the right knotting technique for attaching the rope to the magnet. The right one should hold tight and not loosen when holding on to a heavy object. The Palomar knot is the best option as it gets the job done with ease.

Don’t Forget a Pair of Gloves

You will also need a pair of gloves to keep your hands safe for long fishing hours. It is common to spend a long time holding on to the line before you make a catch and this can hurt your hand if you don’t have the right protection. The best type of gloves for magnet fishing are Kevlar gloves and those that feature EVA foam to keep your hands comfy while you fish.

Be Critical About your Magnets

You have to also choose the right fish magnet power that is safe to use in the water. You can find different options that reach up to 1000pounds. Anything above 350pounds should be ideal to use in any type of water environment. It is also good that you have spare magnets with you when you go out, you can never be sure what will happen when outside. So you don’t want to be left without an alternative when you lose one.

Take it Slow

Patience is truly a virtue, and the expert magnetic fishermen know that this is part of achieving success. Taking things slow will increase your chances of making a catch, and avoid getting your magnet stuck in the weeds when you move too fast.

Find a Partner

It can be boring and lonely to sit alone for hours staring into the horizon without any company. So you want to partner up with other enthusiastic magnet fishing buddies in your area and go on quests together. While there is a good chance you won’t find anything valuable on your quests, there is no denying the good times and memories you will take home at the end of the day.

Final Note

Choosing the right magnet and rope are important tips to succeed when fishing for metals in the water. You want to also remember to dress properly depending on the weather so you can stay comfortable. You can pack for the trip and include clean drinking water, refreshments, and not to forget your sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen if you will be going out on a sunny day.

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