Major Benefits of Switching to Concierge Medicine

The medical industry is improving, and patients have more options to receive the care they need. Dissatisfaction with the conventional method of primary care has led people to choose concierge medicine. Concierge medicine allows you to get prompt treatment and provides better access to a doctor during emergency needs. 

If you want to eliminate waiting time during appointments, you may benefit from peachtree corners concierge medicine. Finding the right concierge physician is especially important for people with complex health issues. You should not avoid concierge medicine because you rarely get sick. It is generally recommended to get routine doctor visits to maintain good health. 

Major benefits of switching to concierge medicine 

  • Length of visits. 

In-person visit lengths with your concierge physician depend upon your specific health issue. However, the typical time length is 60-90 for a new patient and 45 minutes for a follow-up. For regular doctor visits, you get five minutes to explain your symptoms and a total of 15 minutes with the doctor. The length of appointment time with a concierge physician is thrice times longer, allowing you to discuss your problems and other underlying issues in more detail. 

  • Available when you need it. 

The best part about concierge medicine is that it is available when needed. Scheduling an appointment with your doctor can be impossible when the wait time is three weeks from the current date, and you have to wait in their lobby for hours for your turn. 

With a concierge doctor, you do not have to wait for your turn. You can talk to them on the phone, discuss your condition and get answers immediately. If you need to come in, they can schedule a same-day appointment. 

  • Better patient-physician relationships. 

Concierge medicine develops a personal bond between you and your physician. When you better trust and bond with your doctor, you are willing to make follow-up checkups and follow their recommendations. Research shows that patients with a good and familiar relationship with their primary care provider had 19% less risk of premature death. 

  • Preventative care. 

Since concierge medicine allows for longer visits, you and your doctor have enough time to dive into a deeper discussion about your health. Your doctor can assess all the aspects of your health and factors affecting your well-being: diet, water intake, stress, exercise, sleep, exterior circumstances, and genetic information. This allows better preventative care as your doctor can warn you of any warning symptoms. 

These are the benefits of switching to concierge medicine. A physician who understands your needs can provide more holistic and effective care. Consult one today. 

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