Perks of buying huawei matebook 13 2019

Welcome to another Huawei technology web content our focal point of discussion will be huawei matebook 13 2019 edition no X no pro just standard mate book we got here are hardware specs so these parts are available in Europe so we don’t get an NVIDIA GPU unit no MX 150 for the European market only the standard 620 HD graphic unit that’s within Intel was it comes with info CPUs

we got two versions a smaller one with an i-5 828 to 6/5 you so a quad-core hunt and i7 verse eight five six five you a little bit more mmm Rams always eight gigabytes but the storage option differ for 1000 euros who gets on my phone live was 260 is 256 gigabytes of storage and 4 1200 euros. You get the i7 with 250 gigabytes of storage.

Box Accessories

so let’s discuss what’s in the box first of all you will see a little piece of paper or user book you will get to the device itself and we get some USB type-c hub because this device comes with not much of a port so let’s, first of all, grab CD wise you can have every color.

External options

On the left side of the device you get to use a PFC port for charging, a headphone jack, a microphone, or maybe this is all just an LED a charging LED nothing on the front and another USB type-c port on the right side of the device nothing you fan and speaker on the downside and that’s it.

We got a glossy screen that has no touchscreen. Let’s see we got a fingerprint ID sensor. What about the keyboard it’s a Chiclet keyboard it’s nice typing on the huawei matebook 13 2019 on the keys user travel knows he bought us a little bit bending in the middle but the still nice first impression we get backlight you can also turn on the screen brightness – According to me first impression in terms of screen brightness is satisfactory.


It’s efficient or this can be sufficient. What about storage? We got 45 gigabytes or 35 gigabytes still available from our 80-gigabyte partition and the other one 381 on the other side so this is standard for Windows I guess.


Where’s the webcam do we’ve got a hidden webcam beneath the key like on the X Pro no we don’t the webcam is just normal in the frame in the middle and the frame or the border surrounding the screen is a little bit thicker than on the exterior but still small frames this is something I can livers it’s a cliff.


It’s a 2k display and an aspect ratio of 2 by 3 so this is not our typical – 16 by 9 notebook display. What about the trackpad? The nice and big first impression most movements you can click no problems here multi-touch of course.


If we observe the first impression of the huawei matebook 13 2019 that quality, of course, this design looks a little bit like a MacBook in terms of weight we get one point I guess 1.3 kilograms so this is nothing by far not as light as an SAP notebook like a 12-inch MacBook no this is for example just maybe not exactly but this feels like if you are carrying around a 13-inch MacBook Pro with you so this is nothing light but huawei matebook 13 2019 is a normal notebook yes it looks slim but it’s still I wouldn’t call it heavy but still it’s a normal notebook.

That’s what we can cover in this short paper piece I hope you will get sufficient knowledge from this main course if you still have any trouble you can comment below the article.


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