A comprehensive review of the huawei band 4e fitness tracker

A band that was released around October of 2019 the price of the huawei band 4e fitness tracker is 1390 pesos this is an entry-level fitness watch design for running and basketball as what they call the basketball wizard edition.

Detailed Overview

This watch is water-resistant to 580 m or atmosphere has 2 weeks-long battery life and three weeks on standby although it does not have a built-in heart rate monitor by the way guys you can also use this watch even if your phone is not Huawei it is compatible to iPhones with a version 9.0 and above an Android version 4.4 and above so what we have here is the charging cradle so we don’t have an adapter and we also have this one the strap with the device which I got from this plastic and this one can alright I chose the mystic grey instead of the Sakura coral which we also have the other options.

We also have the shoe buckle which we can put the huawei band 4e fitness tracker in there and then on to your shoes when you’re playing basketball and the shoe buckle you just have to press that one and just pull it up very easy no need to force up then you can just put the device in there and then close it that’s where you’re going to put in or apply that one to your shoes and once you want to remove it just have to press that thing again and remove the device.

The length of this one is just like three fingers very lightweight and very small. When you will first open the device you will see a strap and then it’s stretchable very lightweight comfortable on your skin just have to put in the device. It’s very easy to put in there no need to force it so our strap is very stretchable and it looks good on the arm wrist it’s very small like a bracelet and then you can adjust the strap depending on how tight you want it you can also watch this one the strap guys using a very subtle or light soap with warm water you just don’t use a very strong detergent for the color.

Unique Features

The features we have are steps, the distance, the calories, the slip time, and additional information such as long-press the home button and wait for it and it will give you additional options like research shutdown and information of the device. The good thing about this one is if there’s no activity it will vibrate guys all right so we’re in Google Play right now since my phone is Android what we need to download guys before we can connect the device on your phone is the Huawei mobile services and we also have the huawei health you have to download those two applications for us to properly use the device or this Smartwatch and once we’re done installing the application that we need for this device mobile services Huawei and while we help we can now go ahead and open the huawei health please don’t forget to turn on your Bluetooth guys.

The huawei band 4e fitness tracker will give you the track on in running walking cycling tracking and other recess so like what I’ve mentioned guys earlier if the device is not detecting that you are doing any activities it will vibrate and it will remind you to move your ass off and also your slip time it will give you the information if you are using or wearing it while you’re slipping but I’m not going to wear this device while I’m sleeping because I want to be comfortable in my bed.

I’m almost using it every day even if I’m not running its very casual lightweight the color is you know simple it’s like a bracelet guy you can also try this.


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