Proper Ways To Get The Meat From The Lobster: Must Know!

Are you a big fan of luxury food such as lobster? While there are so many dishes with a different value depending on the region or country where you are located, there are some delicatessen that everyone can appreciate no matter where you are from. Even when this seafood was not so preferred the last couple of centuries, and it was not even close to the fame that it has now, people have come to the realization of the best ways to prepare the delicious lobsters, in order to get the maximum flavor and preserve its freshness as well as its beneficial properties. 

If you wanna know practical ways in which you can add lobster to your regular diet, aiming to get the most meat out of this marine crustacean, then this article is a must-read for you. We will share the proper methods to cut and remove the meaty parts of a lobster, so you can do it in an effective way. Keep on reading and prepare for the feast of your life.

Let’s begin from back to front

If you are not familiar with cooking this kind of crustacean seafood, you will notice that it has a very particular shape that is different from other marine animals like fish. When it comes to cooking a lobster, it might seem a bit too complicated, and much more than it is in reality. The good news is that there is no reason to worry, and contrary to what many people think, you will want to start from the tail instead of taking the front. After your lobster has been properly cooked and you have let it cool down to a manageable temperature, you can place it on your regular cutting board. Then you have to make a twisting movement with both of your hands, each of them going in the opposite directions, aiming to twist the backside of the body.

Remove the dark vein

Then you will remove the tail fins with enough strength, and at this point, you are going to employ your fingers in order to get the tail meat separated from the shell. Another technique often suggested by chefs is to use your body weight and both hands to crack the shell, which then allows you to separate it with your thumbs. In both cases, you will need to remove the lobster’s intestinal track aided by a knife.

Don’t forget the knuckles and claws

With your hands, twist the claws and knuckles of the body, alternatively, you can use a knife or scissors. You may now use the back of a knife or another cracking tool that you have handy, in order to break the knuckles and claws’ shell, proceeding to take the meat out of it.

Meaty legs

Remember that there is meat in the legs as well, and you can use a similar technique to get it out of the shell. Twist the legs of the body, then, with the support of a cooking roller, you will push the lobster meat out. A knife or scissors can be helpful if it does not come out easily.

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