SEO Essentials for Ranking Your Website in 2021

There are countless ways to go about optimizing your website. Given the current scenario, everyone has their own take on how search engines perceive and assess webpages. While some try to go for black hat tactics that rely on exploiting a temporary loop in algorithms, others contest grey and white hat strategies that have and haven’t worked in different niches. Agencies providing SEO in Dubai offer relevant ideas pertaining to specific approaches after analyzing the competition.

Although it’s obvious that different industries have had successes with various strategies, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. However, we can still find some commonalities in all these techniques. Here are a few ways to go about improving your rankings in 2021:

Website Structure and Design

If you’re still stuck in the days when static pages were considered a good website layout, you need innovation. As per modern analytics, websites that have a dynamic and interactive user experience are more likely to rank higher. It’s not about adding gimmicks or technical APIs that can mess up your load times. It’s about making sure that everything that should be in front of the user is displayed in the most comfortable, engaging and interactive manner.

That means your landing pages, content pages, service pages, blog pages and other pages should have a decent design. If you’re thinking of providing useful content, it should be in clear fonts with a contrastive background that makes the text stand out. Moreover, it shouldn’t appear in a dull and boring manner. Rather, try adding spaces and making chunks of the bigger content.  


Google has made it impossible to stress about content any more than the search engine giant already has. Not only through their public channels but also through their ranking algorithms, Google has cleared the air with regards to content guidelines.

According to Google, your content doesn’t necessarily have to be of a specific word count as long as it’s establishing and clarifying a point or providing complete information. Based on the query that has been searched and the intent of the user, your website will rank only if it caters to both these aspects.

So, your optimization goals are two-fold. One, it should be catchy and attention-grabbing enough to make users stay. Secondly, it should be exactly what they are searching for. People can be searching for things on Google for either information, buying or selling something, or a combination of both. Therefore, you need to optimize your content keeping in view relevant keywords that are rich in volume and searched by your specific target audience.

Mobile Optimization

All website infrastructures are useless in 2021 if they’re not phone-friendly. Smartphones are becoming the most used devices, especially if you look at web analytics of any website’s traffic. You’ll find that websites that don’t load properly, provide a good interface, a readable and comprehensible design, or present navigation problems, will never rank. 

Mobile phones are also a great way to redirect your traffic from your website to your app. Not only do you get app sessions that can work towards providing ad revenue, but an application will also make for a more personalized user experience.

Establishing Relevance, Credibility and Authority

Whether you’re a blog, a business, a brand or an organization, you need to have an identity. This online identity needs to be trusted before search engines like Google can suggest it as results for specific queries. For example, a real estate agent won’t have much credibility if they try giving advice on the pandemic situation. Similarly, a doctor’s opinion won’t matter much for someone who’s looking to buy a new house.

This is why Google needs websites to establish themselves as credible, reliable and relevant authorities for the niche they represent. Algorithms will factor in your audience retention, sessions, bounce rates, social shares, and everything else to confirm whether you’re trustworthy.

Bottom Line

Your content should be written by someone who holds expertise and knowledge about the topic. The number of people linking to your post will determine how well it has fared online. It’s obvious that the more backlinks, shares, and references you get to your post mean more credibility and authority.

However, that doesn’t factor in social media links because Google has still not revealed anything pertaining to this. Regardless, it’s still recommended that you hire a social media agency that can help you reach out to millions of people on social platforms. Needless to say, it’s mandatory if you’re looking to establish an identity that is trusted.

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