Tips to Take Multiple Photos in a Single Click

In recent years, Samsung smartphones have replaced cameras as the go-to device to click photographs on the go. Advanced camera technology incorporated in the high-end and budget handsets has facilitated this to quite an extent.

Apart from extensive use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), cameras nowadays are also equipped to capture multiple shots within a fraction of a second. In other words, you can take multiple photos with a single click.

This feature is called burst mode or continuous shooting mode. This feature ensures that multiple frames are captured within a second, and is most effective when it comes to photographing a moving object. Samsung A21s, for instance, is one of the entry-level smartphones which sport this feature.

Before proceeding with a few tips on taking multiple photos by just one click, here is a little more about the technology.

What is the burst mode?

Burst mode enables a smartphone to take continuous shots within a matter of second. The multiple frames are subsequently arranged in a sequence consistent with the movement. It also recommends the best picture among the multiple frames captured. One may either edit the burst shots or use them as it is.

It is an effective way to capture any moving subject such as flying birds, live sports or objects in motion. This mode not only results in clicking a perfect image but also incorporates a cinematic feel to it.

Using burst mode is fairly simple. For example, in Samsung A21s, it only involves the following steps –

  • After the camera app is opened, keep pressing the shutter button.
  • Burst mode is activated, and multiple photos are clicked until the button is released.

How to take continuous shots in Samsung phone?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while taking multiple photos –

Tip 1: Subject of photos

Usually, sports scenes and animal movements require burst mode. However, there are a host of other settings where this mode can be an excellent option. For example – group photos and candid pictures. Once a bunch of photos are captured, they can either be combined as a single shot or displayed as in sequence.

Tip 2: Typing speed

It is advised to take a few more shots even after your intended last shot. Your smartphone may not have the speed to write the images to memory as fast as those are captured. However, Samsung A21s with its 6GB RAM may perform better in that aspect.

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Tip 3: Change the focus mode

Given that moving subjects are hard to keep in focus do not forget to set the continuous focusing mode from autofocus. It may help to keep up.

Even though there is a Samsung mobile under 20000, which includes burst mode technology, as the specifications increase, the price range can also move up considerably. Purchasing those models may end up exerting strain on your finances.

In this regard, you may opt for a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card and access a pre-sanctioned credit of up to Rs.4 lakh. This card can be used in over 1 lakh EMI network stores, facilitating easy accessibility.

After securing such a phone with easy financing, shoot burst mode photos in such spaces which have abundant light. Plenty of sunlight could work wonders. While indoors, let in natural light or turn on as many lights you can to capture the best sequence of images.

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