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Six Most Popular Business Analytics Tools Being Used by the Best

Due to the rampage of COVID19 businesses are kind of forced to adopt business analytics for ensuring continued operations. As business analytics is a mainstream apparatus for increasing the efficiency of internal and external business operations. A business analyst is expected to be an adept manager armed with the knowledge of statistics and analytics. The ability to make sense of data is among the key virtues of a business analyst.

In cases of big businesses with a widespread operational network, the job is a difficult one from a quantitative point of view. Thankfully, there are a plethora of specialized business analytics tools available in the market for making things a lot easier. 


The business world has made a quiet shift from business intelligence to business analytics, and it is not just another vain change of nomenclature. Enterprises today are working with much larger data sets and they need real time visualization of incoming data. Analysts are using Python to enrich the analytics capabilities with faster access and better speed. 

The importance of Python as a business analytics tool grows proportionately with the amount of data to be factored in. 

Python is also used to build predictive analytics capabilities by deploying machine learning algorithms, something that the business world is digging right now. 


Qlikview is arguably the most vivid, comprehensible, and light business analytics tool among what’s available. QlikView features the ability of in-memory processing and patented technology in order the deliver fast and accurate results.

Being the most vivid and comprehensible, the presentation of data visualization projects on QlikView is appropriately colorful. Additionally, the software is known for accurate compressions while retaining proper data association. 


While Python holds the top place among programming languages, R still has a significant fan following in the academic circle. Since business analytics and data science go virtually hand in hand in today’s world, you cannot really ignore the importance of R as a tool for business analytics. 

It comes with a great platforms for visualization and statistical analysis. It works wonderfully with Tableau, wherein you can use R to analyze large data sets and load the data on Tableau to visualize it.


Tableau is known for its cutting-edge abilities in visualization. It also comes with provisions for unstructured data analysis. It is a trusted name among business analysts for big data analysis as well. Tableau is an excellent tool for devising targeted marketing operations as it comes with the capability of social media analysis in order to discover trends in the market.

MS Excel

Businesses have been practically run on Excel for decades. The notion has it that in the age of big data Excel is outdated and obsolete. However, you will realize the importance of Excel when you actually go out into the industry. It is still one of the most used tools for business intelligence and the advanced capabilities of Excel are still quite relevant for small scale data analysis.


A business analyst’s role demands a strong grip over the domain as well as an understanding of data management and best practices. Hence, SQL plays a vital role in the process of becoming a self sufficient business analytics professional. SQL helps you query structured data from the data warehouses. A BA professional should be able to do it comfortably. 

Bottom line

Tools and software can undoubtedly make life easier for a business analyst but the experiences and abilities of the individual remain to be the real deal. The importance of a business analyst in a team is more profound than ever and the trend of gaining importance is expected to experience a hike really soon.

A small mistake on the part of a business analyst can culminate into something detrimental for the venture, often costing its functionality. Thus after completion of a business analytics course, an enthusiast serious enough to pursue the profession is recommended to achieve some hands-on training before seeking a job.

Thankfully, Indian startups are rising in numbers like never seen before, and the welcoming nature of cities like Bangalore and Gurgaon are helping the flourishing scene. Thus it is highly recommended to visit these cities for an internship, a voluntary one in a worst-case scenario in order to gain the necessary experience and build a network. The experience will definitely come in handy after employment and while switching through jobs. And the network made during this struggling period can prove to be the lifeline of a budding professional.

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Fortunately, business analysts are directly needed in order to bring order to the financial chaos raging alongside the pandemic. And with proper training and education, it is very much possible to land the dream job.

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