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Top 10 Social Media Management Apps

Social media management apps offer you the power to take your social presence and activities to a whole new level. You also save time and energy as you can do everything automated through applications instead of doing it manually.

Buy followers Singapore has compiled for you the best and  popular social media management apps that are waiting to be used  today . You can easily use these applications for your personal purposes, blog, small business or big brand.

1. Hootsuite

  • Handy analytics tool for social media marketing
  • Reliable to detect influencers
  • Most helpful features in paid version
  • Preparing cross-platform content is tiring

Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management apps, even a leader in popularity for some. It has support for many different platforms and has a lot of options and dynamic features.

You can manage and publish your content on many popular social media sites such as Facebook personal and business pages, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. Thanks to the internal analysis system, you can analyze performance according to selected keywords. You also have the possibility to schedule content to be published on the date you want. You can also do these in the free version.

2. Buffer

  • Flexible payment plans
  • Can be integrated into news aggregator applications such as Feedly
  • Free version can’t connect to Pinterest and LinkedIn
  • No search function in streaming

Buffer is a calendar plan application that offers features such as scheduling your content and creating a content plan. It is possible to use this application for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Its interface is extremely simple to use. It has a feature where you can analyze your performance and gives you full control over your broadcast plan.

3. TweetDeck

  • Twitter users do not have to open a separate account
  • Surprisingly useful for a free app
  • No option to create user groups
  • Customization options are limited
  • It takes time and patience to set up

TweetDeck is a popular application for Twitter management. Previously, Tweetdeck allowed you to manage other social media platforms. However, since its acquisition by Twitter, support for social media management other than Twitter has been removed and is currently only used for Twitter account management.

TweetDeck is completely free to use. It’s a great option for anyone who manages multiple accounts, follows certain hashtags, responds to many different users simultaneously, and wants to see what’s being tweeted in real time. You can organize everything you want by moving it to different columns so you can see them all on the same screen. We should also mention that TweetDeck is only used by desktop / laptop computers.

4. SocialOomph

  • You can queue your content to repost
  • It has a detailed and comprehensive help guide
  • No mobile app
  • Interface not very useful

SocialOomph allows you to manage your Twitter accounts for free. If you use the paid version, you can manage Twitter as well as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, RSS feed and more. Schedule your Tweets, track keywords, publicize your profiles, shorten URLs, completely delete your private inbox and open unlimited accounts. All this for free.

In the free version you get many great features that are not overly limited. However, if you upgrade to the paid version, you have access to many new features such as reverse tracks, automated DMs, quality accounts worth following and more. Paid users pay once every two weeks instead of monthly.


  • It has an easy-to-use mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Can be integrated with many smart devices, services and applications
  • Suitable for personal use rather than professional use
  • Automatically add hashtags to every content

IFTTT is an application that helps you create your own automated actions. These are called “recipes” and thanks to these recipes, you do not have to do the necessary actions manually. For example, if you want all your Instagram photos to be automatically added to a folder in your Dropbox account, you create a recipe on IFTTT so you don’t have to manually do this action one by one. There is no limit to the number of recipes you can create and it works with almost all popular social media sites.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Suitable for those working on social media campaigns
  • No possibility to save personalized setting preferences
  • Twitter content lags for a few minutes

SpredFast is perfect for social media strategy experts who are keen on performance analysis. It collects and analyzes data from all kinds of social media platforms to analyze how many people you reach or how much your target audience interacts with your content. Then, this data is presented to you with formatted graphics.

As you can imagine, SpredFast is not aimed at the average blogger or small business that wants to do low-level social media work. Before you can start using SpredFast, you need to request a demo from them.

7. SocialFlow

  • Shows which content is most popular in real time
  • Gives you insight into how content you haven’t published yet will perform, thanks to its predictive scores
  • Automation-driven features could have been better
  • Switching between accounts is more difficult than it should be

Like SpredFast, SocialFlow offers a data-driven approach to social media. You can share content when your followers are most active, do targeted advertising campaigns and more. Before using SocialFlow, you need to request a demo. This service is more suitable for large businesses that have serious followers and receive constant interaction.

8.Sprout Social

  • Smart inbox; puts all your notifications, mentions and messages in a single broadcast stream
  • Mobile app has push notifications
  • No analytics on mobile app
  • More expensive compared to alternatives

Sprout Social is an app suitable for serious social media marketers. You can easily share on many different social media sites. In addition, it provides excellent customer service on social media for those who look for opportunities for confidential interaction.

A free trial period is available, but after that period, the lowest payment plans start at $ 99 per month to take advantage of SproutSocial’s more advanced features. The solutions offered specifically for businesses and agencies are capable of meeting your social media marketing needs perfectly.

9. Everypost

  • You can set permission rights for different users
  • Flexible payment boards
  • Limited compatibility with Instagram
  • Occasionally slow user interface
  • It is no secret that social media today consists entirely of visual content. You can use Everypostfor just that. With Everypost, you can share your multimedia content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr.
  • Personalize your content, schedule it to air on another day and time, and access social media analytics statistics. The free version is very limited and offers only the most basic features, and there are limits even to those features. But for all small and large social media marketing strategies, there are four types of paid versions that are affordable.

10. Tailwind

  • There are useful browser extensions for Chrome, Safari and Firefox
  • Pinterest offers suggestions for improving your account
  • No mobile support
  • Not useful enough for sharing content on Facebook and Twitter

Like Everypost, Tailwind focuses specifically on visual content such as Pinterest and Instagram. You can schedule your content for Pinterest, detect trends with insights, follow your brand, organize contests and campaigns. Analysis and performance reporting features are also available.

You can schedule content for Instagram, follow hashtags, manage your followers, manage user-prepared content, and have analysis and performance reporting features. There are paid version plans suitable for everyone, from bloggers to small businesses, from agencies to big brands.

So what applications do you use for your social media work? If you have used the applications on our list, are you satisfied? What are the services that are not on the list but you are considering adding?


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