Impact Of COVID-19 On Start-Ups – Infographic

The complete investment sector is adversely affected by Covid-19. From a business point of view a lot of challenges are being faced by the start-ups in this pandemic situation. The demand and supply have been decreased for several start-ups. Let us see the impact of Covid-19 on start-ups in 3 steps.

  1. It is not possible to expand office space because of Coronavirus In the pandemic situation it is not possible for some big trades to expand further. WeWork is an example of this. However, some other big businesses like RMZ stopped the trade.
  2. In spite of getting funds easily the difficult responsibility of overcoming pandemic is faced by budding companies Starting a business is almost impossible in this pandemic situation. Because of the virus a lot of businesses have failed. However, state governments are providing them loans. But it is of no use.
  3. In order to prevent workplaces from Covid several companies are trying to develop the technology – It has been found that 644 people in America were infected with virus and they were working in a company known as Smithfield plant. All this happened in the spring season.


Impact Of COVID-19 On Start-ups


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