Stellar Jobs for Shy People

As you head out into the world and begin the grind for hunting the ideal job, you may find yourself making a list of pros and cons against a company or particular designation. However, it’s very rare for individuals to look up jobs that are best suited for shy people. 

Ever wondered why? Because communication is a soft skill that’s largely valued in the big markets. Regardless of your designation, you will be expected to be a team player and have good communication skills.

Now, not all people look forward to this part of their day. Many try to avoid unnecessary interaction with colleagues and prefer to keep their heads down, do their job, and return to the comfort of their homes. Such people are often classified as introverts. Their reserved nature is what sets them apart from the rest, and while many positions require you to be a people’s person, there are quite a few jobs that are perfect for introverts. Let’s take a look at some of the best jobs for shy people. 

Personal Chef:

A stellar occupation for the culinary artist. Did you know there are as many as 13 types of chefs? All with different job roles, depending on each hotel’s recruitment policy. Any chef working at a restaurant, regardless of their ranking and job role, is required to be part of a busy and fast-paced environment. If the thought of people shouting and running around haphazardly stresses you, your best bet is to apply for a personal chef position. This way you can continue doing the work you love without the hustle and bustle of a traditional restaurant.

An added benefit of this role is the pay flexibility. Based on the number of people you cook for, their choice of cuisine, and your experience, you can make anything between $48,910 to $77,500 per year.


It’s common knowledge that after years of studying and training, law positions require you to be quick, sharp, and confident. The nature of the job also encourages public speaking skills if you want to make it out as a successful and renowned lawyer. However, the real MVPs are those who research, file legal documents, conduct client interviews and help attorneys prepare for the case. If you love the rush and adrenaline that comes with finding loopholes between the fine print, and are a socially anxious person, choosing a paralegal position means you get to live the best of both worlds.

For those starting, you can expect to be paid an average of $50,940 per year.

Social Media Marketing:

The age of technology has proved to be a blessing in disguise for shy people. Along with instant connectivity, the inception of social media apps makes it easy for people to communicate without having to see or hear each other. 

By creating content and copy for a brand’s socials like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Tiktok, you have the flexibility to let your creative side run wild. Most social media marketers have to keep content creators, marketing managers, and other relevant personnel in the loop. Still, most of the key details are discussed through written communication, and you will find yourself interacting with one or two colleagues at most. 

Again, social media managers can choose to work an in-house contract or a more adaptable freelance gig. While the average salary is set at $52,326, social media marketers can utilize the right opportunities and gigs to make more. 


The first on our list is the occupation of a writer. As a writer, you will often find yourself requiring solitude and a calming environment to keep you focused and “in your zone”. Since this job promotes a peaceful work environment and no collaborations or teamwork, it’s perfect for introverts, especially if they land a remote opportunity. 

A writer typically earns $54,315 per year. Though, depending on whether he’s hired on a contract or as a freelancer, he has the flexibility to choose his hours, time and pay.


No one loves peace and quiet more than a librarian. Your love for books and a quiet, disciplined environment may just land you your ideal job. Although librarians sort and shelve books, their duties also include hosting events at the library, maintaining decorum, assist people in finding relevant study materials, and help people understand and access digital libraries.

The average annual pay for this job is $55,395, and while most public and private libraries require a bachelor’s or master’s degree in library science, the right amount of work-based training and experience can land you a decent librarian role too.

Web Development and Design:

With the growing need for efficient, robust, and user-friendly apps, this position is in high demand and is expected to stay that way for years to come. Web developers and designers learn various languages, scripts, and tools such as ReactJs, NodeJs, PHP, GitHub, and Adobe Photoshop to implement and host their designs, making them accessible for the world to use. 

Along with critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, programmers are required to work independently and in seclusion to avoid making a mess of the code and working functions of a website or app. To be considered for this $56,054 position, you’ll be expected to showcase exceptional analytical skills and, in some cases, a bachelor’s degree. 


Medical and Research Scientist:

Scientists are considered to be one of the most high-paid and valuable individuals due to their tremendous advancement in the field of science. A medical scientist explores various subjects related to healthcare, finds a research gap in the existing knowledge and works towards bridging that gap by studying this area using secondary and primary research. 

The downside of this job is you need a master’s degree and relevant industry experience due to the methodical planning and deep analysis that’s required to stick the course. 

Notably, one of the highest-paying jobs, medical and research scientists have an average pay of $80,448 per year.


You’ll be surprised to know that there are over a hundred jobs just like these that are perfect for socially anxious or introverted peeps. Not only are they ideal for those who value alone-time, but there are also some well-paid and adventurous jobs available in the market, just waiting for the likes of you. Some of which are:

  1. Artist
  2. Astronomer 
  3. Biochemist
  4. Biophysicist
  5. Commercial Driver or Heavy Truck Driver
  6. Data Entry Clerk
  7. Database Administrator
  8. Graphic Designer
  9. Interior Designer
  10. Lab Technician
  11. Marketing Analysts
  12. Translator
  13. Veterinary 


If any of these piques your interest, the next step is to work towards building a relevant skill set, start applying, and finally, prepare for and ace that interview!


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