The Characteristics Of Kraft Paper

Packaging is extremely important for brands but the recent developments in the packaging world have made us reconsider different types of packaging options. For the same reason, kraft paper has gained immense popularity since modern customers are looking for modern and eco-friendly packaging solutions. However, there are multiple characteristics involved with kraft paper and we are discussing them all in the article below!

The Color Classification Of Kraft Paper

For the most part, people believe that brown is the only available color in kraft paper but that time is long gone. This is because the modern brands are all up for customization and that’s why more colors and designs have been launched in kraft paper. If you are going to use kraft soap boxes by WeCustomBoxes or other kraft boxes, we are sharing the color classification of kraft paper to weigh the pros and cons of each option!

  • Natural Kraft Paper

This is commonly known as virgin kraft paper and it’s known for its brown color. It is an extremely durable and clean kraft paper that is widely used for packaging that needs better strength. The natural kraft paper has a high-tear strength and has improved muscle strength. The paper is made through kraft paper and it utilizes chemical conversion of the wood material into pulp. For the most part, it’s perfect for printing the brand’s packaging and paper bags. In addition, it’s a great option for designing carrier sheets and protection layers. 

  • Recycled Kraft Paper 

For the most part, this kraft paper has a self-explanatory name, and the recycled nature promises high-end bursting strength and the tearing will be minimized. It can easily break down when it’s exposed to pressure and friction which makes it a more eco-friendly and economical option. The best thing about recycled kraft paper is the environmental sensitivity which makes it suitable for internal packaging, bottom wraps, clothing wraps, dunnage, protection liners, and tray liners. In addition, it’s perfect for masking the paints and it can be used as void filler to create cushioning.

  • Bleached Kraft Paper 

Bleached kraft paper is a great option for people looking for white kraft material. As the name suggests, the material undergoes bleaching treatment which purifies and whitens the material. The most intriguing point is that the paper’s durability and strength will be increased. Bleached kraft paper is suitable for packaging as well as wrapping. On top of everything, the material is 100% eco-friendly and can be fully recycled without harming the environment.

  • Black Kraft Paper

When it comes down to the black kraft paper, it has become a durable packaging option for filling space and it can back up the picture frames. In addition, the utilization of black kraft paper is suitable for making the photographs stand out. The best thing about black kraft paper is the creativity that comes with it because you can use it for arts and crafts projects. In the majority of cases, it’s a suitable option for monochrome projects. 

  • Colored Paper

As the name suggests, this kraft paper is available in nearly every color, be it bold and vibrant colors or pastel hues. It has become a significant part of craft projects, such as backing the notice boards. It can be used for crafting scrapbooks. For the same reason, it has become an optimal choice for school projects and it induces interaction with kids. Truth be told, it’s a versatile option and is suitable for craft projects and packaging as well. 

Food-Grade Designs

When it comes down to kraft paper, the food-grade factor is the most significant benefit because it is safe to be used for packaging edibles and food items. The demand for food-grade packaging is increasing because it doesn’t have bad chemicals and can protect products against damages. The food-grade factor is ensured by the utilization of wood pulp. In addition to the food-grade configuration, kraft paper is superior, has anti-oil immersion, and is waterproof. 

It can even increase the shelf life of food products and there are special anti-oil kraft bags for packaging the food items, so they don’t stamp oil all around. Even more, food-grade kraft paper has an economical price as compared to glass and plastic materials. When it concerns appearance, food-grade kraft paper is available in white and yellow colors without compromising on the quality standards. Not to forget, it’s an FDA-approved packaging option for food items. 

Color Differences

We have already talked about the color classification but there are color differences in kraft paper when passed through production. It’s already mentioned that kraft paper is manufactured from wood pulp and there might be slight color differences in the printing outcomes. For this reason, when you hire the packaging manufacturer, get the packaging made in one go, so the same material is used, which eventually reduces the chances of color difference. As a result, the packaging will be consistent and uniform which is actually a great thing for brand recognition. 

Eco-Friendly Nature

The kraft paper is made out of the wood pulp, and this has been mentioned multiple times. That being said, the utilization of wood pulp makes this material eco-friendly and it’s even recycled because wood material is recycled. Even more, it can be broken down to make new packaging and paper and the bleaching is implied to take out the printing inks. As a result, one kraft paper goes a long way, which saves trees as well, so where’s the harm?


When we are talking about kraft paper, you need to be extremely particular about the weight. It is measured in grams per square meter which can directly influence the strength and durability standards of the kraft material. In simpler words, grams per square meter determines the thickness of kraft paper. We understand that you won’t have an idea about the most suitable thickness. For this purpose, you should walk to the packaging supplier and they will suggest the best thickness according to your usage or what product you’ve to pack in it. 

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