The Huawei matebook x pro price & other specifications

Now that is some sensual stuff, isn’t it? When we hear the name, HUAWEI right, we’ve directly compared it to big brands like Apple and Samsung. It’s the fastest-growing tech company in China. They produce smartphones. They produce laptops and hell, even PCs as well. We were lucky enough to be allowed to play around with their latest product, the huawei matebook x pro price. So without any further delay, guys, I’m just going to jump straight into the unboxing experience right?

Touchpad Quality

Now that is some sensual stuff, isn’t it? I want to get into the touchpad and the special feature that we see more and more in a laptop these days, the ability to use a touch screen on this laptop. The feedback on this touch screen is interesting. It’s super-fast. I mean, from my experience with this huawei matebook x pro price, it’s just something that I’m very amazed about because as a consumer, right, don’t use a lot of touchpads. Though this touchpad is super sensitive, the feedback is on point. And on a day-to-day basis, I spent a lot of my time using a mouse and a screen on my phone. So, having to move on a laptop that provides this feature, I’m enjoying this feature.

What does HUAWEI share?

It’s software that allows you to integrate your HUAWEI laptop with a HUAWEI smartphone. Now this only works with certain HUAWEI smartphones. So we’re going to give it a try so I’m going to tell you how I can connect my phone to the laptop seamlessly just by putting your phone near to the laptop.

So there’s software in your system, HUAWEI Share, you click Connect. You bring your phone close to it, you will receive a notification that says, allow it to connect. So just click Connect and it happens. Your phones are connected the best part, we can use our phone in a laptop. Now you tell me whether that’s exciting or not. Because usually most of the time, what we tend to do is check my phone, back to work.

Another thing you could do with this, HUAWEI Share right?

So, let’s assume that you’re on a conference call and you have to take notes but you don’t want to save it on your laptop so you want to save it on your phone. Since your phone is already connected to your laptop, what you have to do is open your notes file and just start typing. No latency at all, no delay. I am amazed by how quick this is. So let’s assume you want to take a quick break from work, right, you don’t feel like typing, you don’t feel like researching your work, so you want to take a stroll to the park. So, since your phone is already connected you don’t have to reach out to your phone anymore because it’s already on your laptop. Welcome to Modern World Society. The way that HUAWEI executed their ecosystem, I think it’s very well done. So this is a higher-end laptop.

Who is this for?

Personally from my experience, I think your average day-to-day worker is right. The one that comes to the office, or maybe even student’s rights. They come to the office to do very light editing and online media browsing and all that. It’s not necessarily for people who are specialized in video editing or graphic design, you might say. I do believe that requires a lot of power but this would suffice. Also, on these are for big HUAWEI fans right.

If you’ve already filled with HUAWEI devices, you cannot let this one go with such a low Huawei matebook x pro price.

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