Most Advanced features of Huawei d14

Today I am going to write up a laptop review for my lovely readers. This time we’re going to be revisiting a device launched by huawei a few months back the huawei mate book d14


Let’s check out just how in it for the long haul this laptop is now we like the huawei d14 not only for its aesthetics but also for its overall performance complementing that all-aluminum build is a 14-inch full view ips display that features quite a high screen to body ratio it’s not too bright but is still a very generous size for getting things done because of that it’s going to be great for consumers and families who are looking for a new laptop just in time for Christmas and we will show you why using the matebook d14 daily is quite a treat especially because of its very portable form factor.


This feels a lot like Huawei’s more expensive notebook x pro and that’s one of the things that I like about this device of course this won’t be coming with a touchscreen panel unlike the former but the fact that the huawei d14 manages to maintain that premium construction is a solid touch now one of the main highlights of the matebook series is huawei share which uses NFC and Wi-Fi to project a virtual version of your huawei phone if it supports it multi-screen collaboration is also super handy especially when you want things done in one screen or if you simply just want to play your favorite game on a larger display.


It can even handle offline file transfers between your huawei d14 capable device as well as directly pick up regular and huawei time calls and did I mention that this can be perfectly paired with their free buds 3i as well so if you already have those you’ll be making the most out of this machine powering all of this is either a ryzen 5 3500u or a ryzen 7 3700u CPU but the one that we have right now is the latter more powerful variant.

We’ve also got Vega 10 graphics and 8 gigabytes of ram which has been suitable enough to handle a lot of browser tabs without any hiccups and even a few other programs to open at the same time with windows 10 home on board some of the things I’ve done with the d14 include video streaming and of course can’t miss out on a few casual games here and there like CS go and more recently gender impact just for kicks which managed to hit a decent 60 fps at low graphics settings.

I haven’t used this for video editing just yet but based on some of her performance benchmarks it doesn’t look impossible moving on a lot of people overlook the fact that a laptop needs to be comfortable to type in I’m happy to say that the Chiclet keyboard has been a pleasure to use easy to get used to and gives just the right amount of resistance and feedback.

Battery life

As you guys may already know the huawei d14 webcam is hidden at the top center of the keyboard which is a plus for privacy and of course we can’t miss out on the fingerprint reader making it much faster to securely log in another convenient thing about the huawei d14 is its 56-watt-hour battery that was able to last a total of 10 to 11 hours in better performance mode and even a longer 13 to 14 hours of continuous video playback with airplane mode switched on the 65-watt charging brick enables the matebook d14 to be fully charged from a full battery life in a little over an hour and what makes it even better is that it uses a type-c cable to charge.

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