This is My Favorite Wallpaper App on Android

Wallpaper is the calling card of our Android. Often, our cell phone background says a lot about who we are, our mood, or even our personal style. Finding websites and apps to download quality or unique wallpapers can be a daunting task. In this article, I present my current favorite option.

I’m the kind of person who keeps changing my cell phone wallpaper. At times I’m more conversational, investing in a native option, while at other times I prefer something more abstract or go after pictures of landscapes and sunsets. Well, I like wallpaper is very subjective, although it’s always good to have a source that has the bank of images most related to our interests. Earlier this year I discovered, accidentally (intended) Live wallpapers 4K and HD Backgrounds by Wave on Google Play.

I use some sites, like Unsplash, for example, and an app offered by Wave Live Wallpapers. The first offers high-resolution professional photo images, while the second brings satellite images, landscapes, animated backgrounds, live wallpapers and more. This app stands out by offering exclusive HD wallpapers and photographs, created by visual artists on a wide range of themes. In addition, you can also enjoy a wallpaper creator which allows you to share creations with the community or keep them private just to personalize your screen.

Suppose you don’t have a high-definition display phone, and you like the artwork. In that case, it doesn’t matter: they can be used on any device, as Android is able to resize the wallpaper according to the maximum resolution supported by the device. Furthermore, any photo can easily be used on a desktop computer as well.

It’s quite easy to use this app. The side menu has some application tweaks and also some categories to refine your search. Diving into Wave’s gallery brings you a rich collection of different types of HD backgrounds and live wallpapers. You’ll find beautifully crafted video wallpaper, parallax 2D and 3D, full 3D scenes and even 3D interactive wallpapers that react to screen touch. The app can be used for free with ad interruptions to unlock all high-quality wallpapers. Or you can choose to unlock with premium access and remove all ads if that’s important to you.

In the My Studio tab you can bookmark all the images you liked and keep them separate. There are also some packages with images related to certain themes that help a lot in the search for new discoveries.

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