What Is Social Media Listening and How Does It Work?

Social media listening involves the analysis of information from social media sites to gain actionable insights and implement them. It offers comprehensive data about where your company is mentioned throughout social channels. The concept also provides actionable information that businesses can use to improve their presence online.

NetBase Quid works with brands to implement social media strategies and gain useful information about their customers and competitors. This blog explores various aspects of social media listening, including its impact on businesses.

Social Media Monitoring Versus Social Media Listening

Though the two words are used interchangeably, you should note that the distinction between social media listening and social monitoring. Knowing the difference will help you have a better understanding of how each concept works. Generally, social monitoring entails a review of social media analytics where brands can collect key performance indicators such as mentions, impressions engagement.

Through social monitoring, you can evaluate what has happened and identify areas where you may have missed or met your goals. Social listening uses this data to find out what is happening across social platforms. The practice involves analyzing the data and getting actionable insights. Listening brings a more valuable output of the results from monitoring. Social listening upgrades tools and improves with practice.

What Can I Expect from Social Media Listening?

Through applying social listening to your existing social media plan, you could significantly improve the goals for your brand in the following ways.

Measures Sentiment

If you are launching a product or market campaign, you could monitor the review and mentions weeks after your launch. More importantly, social media sentiment will help you identify positive conversations.

Social listening works to identify segments where your competitors are flourishing or coming up short. For instance, a banking client can know whether a rival bank is eliminating free checking accounts through the rising reviews and mentions for that competitor. Under such circumstances, the banking clients could create messages about the free checking accounts in their bank.

Create More Engaging & Relevant Content

Social media listening can help you identify the concerns and remarks of your customers about your existing content. This could result in creating more relatable content hence increasing your engagement with customers on social platforms. These insights could help you develop a more effective content marketing plan.

Find Available Opportunities

After knowing the sentiments of your customers, you can make the most of any available opportunities. For instance, Anheuser-Busch realized that many monthly conversations on social media are centered on Busch Latte products from the Busch Light brand. Based on this insight, the company introduced merchandise and cans available in limited editions. This helped increase their sales and social media mentions.

Identify Influencers

Through social listening, brands can organically identify key influencers to grow and market their business. You can gain more valuable information about influencers who would be a perfect fit for your business. In turn, businesses can eliminate the guesswork and have an easier time creating partnerships.

Encourages Conversation

Social listening tools can transform your monologue posts to a more conversational tone on social media. Rather than provide a constant stream of posts, this concept will enable you to improve communications that speak directly to your customers. With an engaging audience, you are likely to increase your bottom line and retain many existing clients.

Final Thoughts

Previously, NetBase and Quid operated independently, with the latter providing meaning to the written content on social media. Today, NetBase Quid is a premium social media analytics platform that could turn around your business for the better. Hyundai, Walmart, and Coca-Cola are a few of the corporations that can attest to the benefits of NetBase Quid.

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