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Using Employee Tracker for Customer Support Channel

There are several manuscripts available to enhance the customer support channel. Also, organizations have created their scripts to improve the support they provide to the customers.

You can record the calls but how will you monitor the emails? If you are running a small business, it is indeed difficult to acquire different monitoring tools. The email monitoring tools may have chat monitors. However, such monitoring kits are way expensive.

What Will Happen If You Do Not Monitor your Customer Support Channel?

Surely, you must have thought it yourself that what could happen in the absence of a customer support channel. Customer support channel the heat of every organization. If you do not have this department, it is sure that you will miss a whole lot of leads. Your audience will move to the business from where they are getting support. Certainly, no entrepreneur will ever appreciate that.

On the other hand, you have the customer support department and a supervisor, but you do not have any monitoring system. What will happen?

The supervisor cannot monitor all the agents at the same time. He can listen to only one of the calls at a time. In the process, if any agent is unable to convey the proper or complete information to the consumer, customer, or a potential lead, it is the chance of losing business from that end.

This happens in many organizations, especially the ones not willing to invest in monitoring.

Monitoring the employees’ performance is the process of improvement. You find a weakness, and you tell that to the employee. That helps him to improve his performance. Indeed, monitoring app have a splendid ROI.

You may spend a few bucks on an app. But in return, you will have thousands of dollars because of the improved performance of your employees.

However, businesses that do not have the monitoring solutions available linger to proceed. There are several examples to quote, but one of them is sufficient to help.

An Example: A reseller selling products to the businesses once got a call from an irate customer. The customer was waiting for the tracking number for the order he had placed that morning. Sometime earlier when he called in an agent told him that the items have been shipped and he will shortly have the tracking number. The second time he called in, he was told the same by that same agent. Till the day end, the customer did not get the tracking number. He went angry and called in again. This time it was a different agent, who did not know what the customer was guided. The customer asked for the tracking number, and the agent said that items are yet to be shipped. That made the customer furious and it became difficult for the supervisor to handle that call.

Most of the resellers without a monitoring suit are in a similar situation. Then what happens is that the business becomes infamous. It is not because they do not expedite the shipment. Instead, their customer support employees often provide the wrong information if there is nothing available.

Customer Support Channel with OgyMogy:

Customer support is a very sensitive issue. Any wrong information can lead to a series of troubles. Indeed, it is better to be on the top of your team with OgyMogy. OgyMogy is an employee monitoring app that can monitor Android phones and Windows and Mac computers. That means you can monitor your entire office with this savvy application.

You can employ OgyMogy to:

Monitor SIP and VOIP calls: The desk phones are legacy. Now the phones are in the computer system. Even mobile use more than one network for calling and texting. Indeed, you may also have the calling system on the computers for the customer support team. That means you can listen to every call and help your team to improve whenever it is necessary.

Chat Monitoring: Chatting with customers is an art. A customer support representative has to be way professional to use the chatting system. Often there are angry customers on the chat, and the agents even go angry with them. That is a step towards ruining the business. When you have OgyMogy you can train your team on how to cool down and pacify the customers.

Just like that, many other things happen in the customer support department. Unless you have OgyMogy you will keep on dragging your business to the top of the cliff. Well, it is not for the development, instead, it is to push it off the cliff.


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