What are the birthday gifts that you can send to India?

Birthdays have special relevance in each one’s life. It is the day when you feel pampered and loved. Indeed Birthday is the day when the loved ones shower extra attention on you. Therefore, the birthday girl or boy eagerly waits to receive the most awaited gift from you on the day of the birthday. So it is time to fulfill their wish by exploring the gifts on India’s most trusted online gifting site Hence, scroll down below to understand the best birthday gifts, which you can send to India.

  • Card with a Bamboo plant:

Birthday means you are wishing long life and prosperity for the person. Therefore, for the brother in India, you thought to send the same vibes through the online gifts. While hunting for the gift you landed up on the site The site is spectacular because it never lacks any gift ideas. And all of a sudden you came across the gift consisting of a two-layered bamboo plant that was planted in a yellow-colored coffee mug with a smiley embossed on the cup. In addition to that, the 16 pieces Ferro Rocher chocolates and a birthday greeting card just meaningfully justified the importance of the occasion. Now as you are sending to India don’t worry about the shipment as everything will be arranged by the site with complete assurance.

  • Cake, with flowers and celebration chocolates:

When you plan to send the birthday gift to your dearest aunt settled in India, don’t panic with the gift ideas. If you run out of ideas, just close your eyes and rely on India’s number 1 gifting site The site with an incredible number of customers has always amazed the buyers with its splendid inventories. Coming to the gifts, the combos are outstanding. Like, you can choose a combo consisting of the 12 red-colored roses wrapped neatly with a red wrapping paper. Added to that, the Half kg chocolate truffle cake and the Celebrations chocolate from Cadbury will certainly put a full stop to the birthday gift idea.

  • Basket of wishes:

You have been married to an NRI and now you are settled in the USA. Therefore, it becomes very difficult for you to show up during every occasion in Inda as your parents and the rest of the relatives are there. This year on the birthday of your father you won’t be able to be in India, so you got an idea of sending the gift through online gifting stores. The site that instantly came up as a savior is the From the arrays of assortments, you handpicked the items comprising of a stack of 3 white-colored classy handkerchiefs,  deodorant from the sought after brand Park Avenue. Besides that, the addition of the shaving brush from the Gilette. A heart-shaped red small cute cushion will convey the message that how much you love your father. Finally, all these arrangements are done on a cane tray, which again adds a sense of finesse.

  • Creamy red velvet Cake:

You would always accept the fact that a birthday can’t be celebrated properly without a proper birthday cake. Complying with the idea, you thought to get a delicious red velvet cake for your dearest girlfriend. You know well that she has a liking to have cakes and red velvet is one among the favorite one in the list. To let her wish come true on this birthday you ordered a rich cream-filled red velvet cake from the site Talking about the red velvet cake, it was 500 gms. The addition of mango syrup on top of the red velvet infused more sweetness. Coming to the price that was also very reasonable as you got the sumptuous cake for Rs 899.

  • Care for mother:

Last year you got married and now you are residing in the USA therefore hardly you can make out time to meet your near ones. Next week is the birthday of your mother, therefore you desired to send a suitable birthday gift to your mother. But the question is how to send it. In the meantime, you came across a site with a steadfast reputation in the market and that is The site is known to hook customers for their outstanding stocks. You handpicked one such gift from the birthday sections and it has different types of skincare items. The tray consisted of items such as the Nivea whitening body lotion, Musk talc, Nivea soft moisturizer, and the Nivea lip balm. Altogether it was a comprehensive package and the price of the gift was also not too much. Precisely you got the items at a price for Rs 999.

  • Surprise for my birthday:

You will always get a gift on your birthday. But your ecstatic mind reaches the ninth cloud when you receive a surprise gift on your birthday. For the last few years, you are in the USA for pursuing your doctorate. And your mother misses a lot. She knows well that you love to get a surprise gift on birthdays. That is why this year your mother planned to send a surprise birthday gift. She picked the gift from the authentic site From the huge stocks, your mother selected the bunch of 10 multicolored roses. And 5 balloons donned in colorful hues with written words surprise birthday gifts made the gift more special.

  • Orchid with roses:

Rose has its enigmatic beauty and that is why this flower is called the queen of all the flowers. Truly when you decide to present a friend of yours with a beautiful rose, she would love to embrace that. But there are others in the list as well who are equally mind-boggling like that of the roses. That is why this time for your dearest friend you thought to select a combination of the 5 red roses along with 4 purple colored orchids. The arrangement was done in the square-shaped glass vase.

Final say:

You can select any of the birthday gifts and send the gift to India with the help of the online shops.

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