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What is Face Grafting and What are its Benefits?

Several cosmetic procedures available today can address wrinkles, fine lines, and facial sagging. Fat grafting is among the most popular solutions for aging skin today. If you want a non-invasive treatment with lasting results, you may want to consider Yorkville, Toronto, Canada facial fat grafting. Read on to explore the process, purpose, and benefits of facial grafting.

When is fat grafting necessary?

Aging causes the thinning of the skin’s outer layer, reducing bone thickness and decreasing muscular strength. These factors can lead to a significant reduction in facial volume.

The changes often cause depression on your cheeks, making you look older than your age. You could use dermal fillers to restore facial volume. But fat grafting offers better long-term results.

The fat transfer process can address the following issues:

  •         Marionette folds: Marionette folds are the lines from your chin to the corners of your lips. They are a natural sign of aging and are due to collagen depletion.
  •         Facial volume: The fat transfer process increases the tissue mass around your cheeks. Injecting adipose tissue reverses the sunken look, making you look younger.
  •         Wrinkles and fine lines: injecting fat tissue under the skin smoothens out the fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

What can you expect from a fat grafting procedure?

Facial grafting involves extracting adipose tissue (body fat) to reinject it into the face for facial reconstruction. Your plastic surgeon may retrieve the fat cells from under the skin around the stomach, thighs, or neck.

Your plastic surgeon will use a specialized liposuction tool to retrieve fat from your body. It requires minute incisions to insert the instruments and extract the tissue.

The tissue is reinjected into the target areas of the body. Your plastic surgeon will discuss the process before the procedure to review your expectations.

The fat transfer and reinjection process typically takes an hour to complete. Fat grafting has virtually no downtime, and patients can resume their daily routine.

Benefits of fat grafting

Fat grafting has several benefits over other procedures, such as face lifting and dermal fillers. Some of its benefits may include:

  •         A non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure: The fat transfer process utilizes micro-incisions to insert tools and extract fat tissue. It does not leave massive scars compared to other facelifting treatment modalities. Therefore, there is a lower risk of side effects, and it has a shorter downtime.
  •         100% biocompatible filler material: The filler material is usually from the patient’s body. That means there is no risk of rejection. It is also less likely to cause complications compared to other filler materials.
  •         Natural and soft results: The results of the fat grafting procedure are more natural-looking than dermal fillers. The fat from your body creates more realistic facial contours than other inorganic filler materials.
  •         Virtually permanent facial rejuvenation: Fat grafting offers more permanent results. Although the body will resorb some fat tissue, most of the fat remains intact after the procedure. Most of the resorption happens in the first six months. The results after that can last a lifetime.

If you want to learn more about fat grafting, contact TMB Cosmetic Surgery or schedule your appointment online.

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