What to know before buying a wooden house?

What to know before buying a wooden house? In this article we leave you the guidelines to take into account to make a good purchase.

The question is simple: why buy a timber frame mobile homes in UK? More and more people choose to acquire a wooden house to install on a terrace, garden or land where they can spend weekends or leisure time and rest. The market for wooden houses is originally from the northern countries and the United States, and although there this type of wooden houses are used as houses, it is not the case that concerns us today in which we will refer to houses, cabins or wooden huts where you can enjoy moments of leisure or as a special and charming guest house. So stay with us and you will receive some little advice to buy a wooden house.

The new times make many people choose to buy a wooden house that is cheaper to spend their summer. They are also an increasingly easy option to find in charming campsites or hotels, which want to offer natural or eco-friendly accommodation. There are many factors to take into account before finally deciding on the best option. When deciding why to buy a wooden house, it is essential to consider which is the most suitable for us in terms of practicality, economy and aesthetics. Therefore it is necessary to take into account:

What use will be made of this new area?

The weather of the place where we want to place it

The current aesthetics of the house in which you want to place the new structure (If it is for a terrace or garden)

And the aesthetics you want to achieve with this new space.

However, in our opinion, when evaluating the purchase of a wooden house , it is essential that you know before buying a wooden house and take into account several factors and aspects, which will make a big difference in quality and durability between some manufacturers. and others. The decision to buy a prefabricated house is also important and we must take it carefully, knowing all the details of the purchase, the materials, the construction process of the modules, the location, the regulations. Some vital tips for buying a wooden house is to know where we want to locate our wooden house, to decide on a model at ground level, elevated…

Price can be an important factor, but you have to take into account what is included in the wooden house kit and its qualities.

We explain what to know before buying a wooden house . For this reason, we offer wooden houses in which the slats that form the walls are whole and the roof is always made of tongue and groove flooring, not chipboard. Due to their manufacture and treatment, these slats are very durable, preventing them from splitting. This is an important factor that provides strength to the structure and prevents the walls from sagging.

The same goes for the triangles that make up the base of the roof. In our case, the triangles are complete, they are not split in half, in this way the construction is much more robust and the assembly easier. A simple trick to know if we are buying a shed with whole slats is to look at the size of the packaging. We must be very careful with this type of thing, since there are companies that sell wooden houses that do not sell what they show.

Another important point is the cover of the shed, which must be made of solid wood so that its age is much better, since due to humidity, the boards swell and their duration is less.

The decision of why to buy a wooden house may seem simple but it is vital to be clear about what they offer us, at what price and under what conditions.

And for the assembly, don’t worry, you will see that it is much simpler than it seems and it will be perfect! We always recommend to our clients that when buying a wooden house assemble it on their own; Since, it is a very pleasant experience and challenge to do and also, by doing it in this way you can save the money of the assembly, and the satisfaction of assembling something of this type without any inconvenience, and throwing an opening party with your family members. or friends.


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