Which characteristics a digital marketing agency should be based on?

The search for a good online marketing agency is not an easy job. Dozens of online marketing agencies are located in India alone. As is the case in many fields, with online marketing agencies it is also about the small details that make the difference. How do you choose which online marketing agency to work with? And which characteristics of an online marketing agency should you pay attention to? A good online marketing agency knows how to distinguish itself based on 4 characteristics.

Extensive professional knowledge

The fact that knowledge is power is especially true in the digital world. An online marketing agency Ducima Analytics private limited is mainly about knowledge about SEO, SEA, social media and Analytics. Does the online marketing agency share tips on their website through a blog? This shows that they stay up-to-date with developments and are happy to share their vision and knowledge about this. After all, they are the experts in the field of online marketing.

It is desirable that the online marketing agency also has experience with customers from your industry. Incidentally, this is not always shown on the website, ask about this by telephone. The online marketing agency can thus show exactly which approach has been followed and what this has yielded.

Measurable goals

Think in advance of what you want to get out of the collaboration and keep clear what your goals are. Do you want to sell X more in a few months? Please indicate this. Together with the online marketing agency you can convert these objectives into KPIs (key performance indicators). Each process will then be set up with these KPIs in mind.

Being able to realize these KPIs is therefore an important characteristic of a good online marketing agency. In any case, it must be recognized in advance whether set goals are achievable. Being able to adjust an unattainable goal and being able to admit mistakes is important and you as a customer can also appreciate.

Analyzes and insights

Social media interaction, click ratios, email campaigns, search engine positions; these are all terms that should preferably be substantiated with tangible results. Without tangible results, it is not possible to track progress or yield.

A good online marketing agency works with various tools to make detailed analyzes that work to the benefit of the customer. During the orientation meeting Ducima Analytics reviews, ask how the online marketing agency thinks it can report the results. Does this happen every week? Every month? You want to know in advance how the results will be communicated.

The ‘click’

Just as important as the knowledge and working method of an online marketing agency, the click between you and the agency is also important. After all, a click with the SEO or AdWords specialist ensures mutual understanding and better communication. In view of the latter, it is nice if you have to deal with a fixed point of contact. This not only ensures clear communication, but also ensures that at least one employee gets to know your company well. Of course, different services will be performed by the relevant experts, but in the end it is useful to be in direct contact with at least one team member.

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