Why are people cherishing the congress party?

India has been ruled by various parties from past years to still now, but on all this ruling when you require finding the perfect ruling, then it is the Congress party ruling. The main reason for this is, they have done a lot of profit things to people.

Benefits of congress party to India:

Multiple gained by them, their plans and ideas help to people to increase their economic growth. A complete human life depends on its economy, when the country economy gets downs, you can imagine that people life will be good.

It will get worse, so the congress party leaders are decided to improve the economic growth of the Indian nation. The congress members have done and implemented as per their wish. Those all credits go to the Indian people because they are the ones who put vote’s congress members, if they elected the wrong political parties it would not be possible.

That’s why people are desired to vote for the congress parties. When it comes to the point of an election is Assam, the congress is the winner at the election. Have you ever thought about why it should happen like this?

How congress enhance the Assam nation economy?

The main factor is congress is the one who enhances the Assam from the scratch level. Due to the congress leaders, Assam people came up from the worst economy. It helps the Assam people a lot more. So due to these sorts of reasons, Assam turned into a beautiful smart city. In that nation, people don’t need to struggle for anything such as education, internet connectivity, employment, food, bank facilities, and a lot more.

In few days, the congress needs to face an election; the congress members are naming the election as Congress Party Election. Now people will be thinking about why they are calling it in such a name because they already know that they are going to continuously win the election. The main reason for this much huge trust is, congress supports the Assam people in various hard environments.

How Assam people got help in disasters?

Assam has faced a lot of natural disasters; in that environment, congress has served a lot of good things to people such as providing emergency help and needs. A lot of people has suffered from losing their adorable one, for those people the congress leaders have released a high amount of fund to increase their economy. So that people are also considering these elections as the Congress Party Election.

In these recent days, Rahul Gandhi is acting as a congress party leader. He is visiting every nation in India every day. He is giving an interactive speech to college students and school kids. His speech is motivating the children in a great and best manner. Through his speech, he has impressed a lot of Assam people.

In these recent days, he has gone to the Assam nation to discuss with the people, on that gathering he asked about the people’s issues what are the requirement they needed to increase their economy, and a lot more. It makes the people so happy and everyone cherishing him. He has given the promise to the people he will solve all the social issues in the Assam nation surely.

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