Why More Gen Zs Fall In Love With Vinyl Records?

Streaming music, premium subscriptions, and wireless speakers — these may seem like the norms in a Gen Z’s bubble. But for a growing segment of audiophiles in this demographic, the above-mentioned are nothing but a facade.

Nowadays, turntable sales are mostly from millennials and some folks in their late thirties and early forties. A little behind them are Gen Zs, which may come off as a shock. However, the reality that turntables had outlived many of their supposed successors led to discoveries, a path every young adopter would come across.

But why does this presumed zombie tech continue to rise in the hearts of our youth? The answer lies in the factors indicated below.


The first-hand impression of this analog device is the biggest facet that kept every passer-by hooked with vinyl players, other categories included. Once they listen and realize what these gadgets are capable of, there’s no going back.

There’s an ongoing argument that a decent turntable sounds cleaner than a digital copy. If you think about an analog-recorded file, it makes sense to play it in a more compatible analog device like the turntable. Whereas, music played on other platforms requires multiple conversions, which may compromise the quality.

Nevertheless, the fascination is more intense for Gen Zs born in the digital world and are completely unfamiliar with turntables. The music it emits may sound the same, but the vibe is entirely new.

Stronger Connection

People who consider themselves audiophiles believe that their level of enthusiasm for music begs for a deeper connection. A passionate Gen Z would realize that this is what vinyl listening offers. Also, many digital listeners admitted that music from streaming platforms is easier to ignore. On the other hand, putting a record on a turntable prepares you for a more intimate sound experience.

The Growing Value Of Tangible Collections

Listening to a record player may be costly. Apart from buying LPs, you also need to spend on maintenance and parts. However, investing in a hobby with the promise of reaping future rewards or having an heirloom collection cancels the burden of these expenses.

Thus, many would find peace in the possibility of gaining something out of their passion for music. The tangible items involved add to the value of this listening activity, a feat that doesn’t exist in digital amusement.

Gen Z audiophiles can still enjoy vinyl while living on a tight budget. Some LPs end up in huge discount promos after some time, though these would rarely include limited edition copies. For replacement cartridges, vinyl users may opt for economical but reliable brands like Jico.

Influence Of Old Folks

Lastly, parents or elders who own turntables may have attracted their young ones to vinyl collecting. While Gen Zs may splurge in their own tech, the awareness of record players makes them vulnerable to future realizations. Soon, they may find themselves listening more to their grandma’s vintage player than firing up their phone speakers.

While record players don’t possess the mobility advantages of modern gizmos, they surely have not lost their glitter. The vibe and connection they emit turned them into timeless instruments that will continue to win more generations.

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