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Tplink modem – I love to watch movies and tv shows. I usually binge watch a bunch of them in a row without interruption. I used to download seasons of tv shows and a bunch of movies before watching them but since I got broadband connection in my house I just watch them on demand whenever I want. All of this is made easier as well with the rise of OTT apps which are shelling out quality content enjoyable by the masses. I do this in my free time as I am mostly working 5 days a week in my office. I manage logistics and an advantage that comes with my work is I get great Wi-Fi and pay but the job is very tiring. Due to the recent economic downfall my job has become even more hectic and so I watch my shows in between breaks in my office.

However the experience is not the same in my home as my internet router is acting up quite a lot. I did whatever I could to fix it but it was all in vain. Then I tried to search for possible solutions in the internet but nothing helped. I registered a complaint with the ISP hoping that the problem was related to their backend. But that wasn’t so. It seems that my router finally ran out of life. I searched online for a solution and purchased a tplink modem from a nearby computer store after checking the price and the model number. To be honest it was great, I no longer had any problems and my experience surfing the internet was smooth. It was a great modem, especially at such an affordable price. I set it up easily using

Setting up the tplink modem

The modem didn’t require any technical expertise to set it up. The modem came with a set of instruction manuals and a quick setup pamphlet along with a CD. I read the pamphlet and plugged in the modem and connected it to my laptop using an Ethernet cable. Then I installed the CD and it installed all the necessary drivers that were needed for the laptop to run and maintain the modem smoothly. The manual was also quite useful especially for beginners who are doing this sort of setup for the first time.

You can also setup the modem using your smartphone or tablet but I prefer setting it up using a pc as it it much easier to setup and know all the details in a desktop environment. Once the CD installs all the necessary drivers, open your browser and go to login page from where you can change the modem’s settings. The first thing to do once you go to that page is to change the ssid and password to what you want.

This concludes the tplink modem setup. Now at this point you can log back into the default ip address and change any other settings if you want. Also note that the default credentials change from device to device so don’t expect the same credentials to work for multiple devices.

Maintenance and troubleshooting

For configuring your modem further type in the admin in the address bar and login. This will redirect you to the default gateway. You can also open the control panel on your pc and click on Wi-Fi settings and go to the default page from there. However this method is applicable only for PCs. To make sure that your modem is working as intended reboot it every week and turn it off when not in use.

This improves the quality and makes sure that the device doesn’t malfunction. If you encountered any error either whilst setting up the device or after it. You can simply open the help option in the default page and see the FAQs to find a solution. You can also ask the customer support team who will provide you with a solution in the shortest amount of time. However I found that the best thing to do is to read the instructions manual as it has the solutions for a set of common problems. It is also very much recommended to keep your modem updated with the latest firmware by checking once a month.

Attending online Internship using Tp Link Repeater

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