Customize Your Packaging Boxes Perfectly In Low Budget.

Are you running a cake business? Maybe it’s your key goal to keep your cakes fresh and tasty. Similarly for food and juices. Or if you are selling some best quality perfumes and your services are accessible worldwide. For shipment, you want to get the best quality product manufactured by keeping the durability and safety measures under the main focus. Then you are at the right site as Custom Boxes will show you, how you could get perfect packaging in your companies budget.

As a startup, your company might not be able to generate revenue, which could match your competitor’s revenue. Every big brand is spending a big amount of money on these custom promotional packages. But these following tips are just to facilitate all kinds of businesses, by showing them how they could get packages, even in the low budget that can beat the big giants of their niche. Yes, it is possible now! Just stay with us, we will show you how you could get their packaging benefits, by spending just a few dollars.


Adjust Cardboard Thickness

One of the major benefits of custom boxes is they are personalized exactly on our preferences. As old ready-made packages are available with the fixed wall thickness and a fixed price.

These packages are made with walls that are usually of 4 types.

  1. Single face
  2. Single wall
  3. Double-wall
  4. Triple wall

Moreover, these walls thickness can also be adjusted from a range of 0.9 mm to 15 mm. In this way, if your product is light in weight and doesn’t need distant shipments, you could get them with walls that are a little bit less thick than average packages. It causes to reduce the manufacturing coast on your single box and you could save a big amount in your final wholesale order. Moreover, this will not affect the quality of your product packaging.

(Note: we suggest you reduce the thickness with the suggestion of packaging designers. They will suggest you the right thickness that could keep your product and money saved.) 


Order a Bulk Amount Is Better

Every business loves to get clients who purchase their products in a big amount. Just imagine one client is buying a single shirt from you and one is buying 30 shirts from you. Which client would be more beneficial for your company? Of course that person with an order of 30 pieces. You would want to build a long term relation with him so you could get long term profit. Then you will facilitate him with special discounts.

  • This is the same scenario for Custom packages.
  • Different brands give special discounts to your company if you will order wholesale packaging boxes from them.
  • They love to build a strong bond with your business.
  • Hence, they prove you boxes low in rates as compared to other customers.


Select Packaging Designs Cleverly

Designing is also a major factor that could rise or fall the price to manufacture your printed packages. You could save your money by selecting simple but elegant designs to decorate your branded packages. Every packaging manufacturing company provides you with an infinite range of customization options.

  • There are some premium styles are high in cost.
  • But they also provide you with a lot of designs with the east coast but they are also the same in standards of those premium styles.
  • You could add them to design your box.
  • It would save a big packaging amount for your company.

It’s the same as some premium features offered by Canva, that’s is a graphic designing service. Same like they provide a lot of their premium services free of the coat to use, packaging services also provide you some simple and unique decorative features in the least rates. You could add them to save your money.


Printing & Color Schemes

Printing is something that can make your boxes attractive. But if you will not have proper knowledge, it might take a lot of money out of your business account.

You could use (PMS) Pantone Matching System color schemes to print beautiful designs and images on your custom boxes.

  • They are less expensive than (CMYK) Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black color scheme.
  • However, the CMYK scheme provides you with a large range of different shades that you could use in printing.
  • That’s why this is a little bit more expensive than PMS.
  • PMS is also using by a lot of brands, as they can get all those colors that they require in the printing phase.


Sales & Special Event Discounts

The best time to order is also necessary for determining the rates of your packaging. If you want to save a big amount of your money, you have to wait for the proper time.

  • Some companies offer a big sale by the end of every month to provide custom packages at low rates.
  • Similarly, in some events like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, New Year companies also give you special discounts to get your packages.
  • You could order your wholesale packages at that time and save big cash of your company



In this world of big compaction, it’s not possible to survive without having some special marketing strategies. For this reason, different brands have shifted towards custom boxes wholesale as they are best in displaying your items with proper safety and dominancy on other products. You as a new business can get the best quality packages at the least possible rates at Fast Custom Boxes. You can use these tips discussed above under the guidance of our professional engineers to get alluring packages at low rates.

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