It is hard to decide which one of the events should be attended and which one to be missed. So, we just take a look on the events which are amateur across the world.

Miami is the major hub of art, culture, history, finance, commerce, media, entertainment and international trade. In 2012, Miami was ranked as an alpha world city in the world cities study group’s inventory. In 2009, according to the UBS study of 73 world cities Miami was declared as the richest city in the United States and as the world’s 5th richest city in terms of purchasing power. Miami is also often named as “Capital of Latin America”. It is the biggest city with a Cuban American plurality.

Largest concentration of international banks in United States is in downtown Miami. Many national and international companies are also located here. It is a major fulcrum for hospitals, medical centers, biotechnology industries and research institutes. Port of Miami which is also known as “Cruise Capital of the World” is ranked on the first being the best cruise passenger port in the world since two decades. This port is the busiest port in both passenger traffic and cruise lines.

Miami is rich in its culture and annual festivals like Calle Ocho festival and Carnival Miami surely depicts its thick culture. Miami is the center point of many amusing venues, theatres, museums, parks and performing art centers. The city has a great focus on music and rhythm and attracts a large number of singers, musicians, actors, dancers and orchestral players. Miami is also a main fashion spot and is home to models and many of the top modeling agencies in the world. The city has a pride to host many fashion events and shows including the Miami Fashion week and the Mercedes bens fashion week Miami.

As the city is also substantial in its history so it is the home to numerous museums, many of which are in Downtown Miami. These include Frost Art museum, History Miami, Miami Art Museum, Miami Children’s museum, Miami Science museum and the Vizcaya museum and gardens.

Cuisine is also an important aspect of a nation’s culture to look upon. The cuisine of Miami has a heavy influence from Caribbean Cuisine and from Latin American Cuisine. By combining these two with American Cuisine it has got a unique South Florida style of cooking known as Floribbean Cuisine. In 1960’s, Cuban Immigrants brought here the Cuban Sandwich, Cuban Espresso, Medianoche and Croqutas which became awfully popular in Miamians and have become  signs of the city’s divine cuisine. Now these meals are the part of local culture and can be found easily throughout the city’s restaurants, cafes and food points.

Miami’s tropical weather allows its people to wander around and to have outdoor activities. The city is blessed with several marinas, RIVERS, bays, canals and the Atlantic Ocean which make boating, sailing and fishing the most popular outdoor activities here which are surely loved by the people. The city has over and around 80 parks and gardens and its largest and most notorious parks are Bayfront Park and Bicentennial Park. Zoo Miami, Jungle Island, Miami Sea Aquarium, Coral castle, Monkey Jungle and Key Biscayne are the other popular cultural destinations in Miami.


Ranked in among the best food festivals in America, the festival is notorious for its divine food and enormous range of wines.


The event is especially for the cheese lovers. The best event at best place, yes, you can enjoy every type of cheese including raclette, fondue and grilled cheese products while the cheese sandwich are mouthwatering so one should not miss those.


If you are excited to watch premiers of masterfully done films and to support celebrities, then you are on the right path. The festival is best events for movieholics.


Have you ever wonder to drag your fantasy into your real life? Here is the chance. The Ragnar encourages you to have your team of 2 together and to dress up in crazy costumes that you want to wear in your imagination.


Not only a football game but also a source to bring the whole nation together for time being for amusement, friendly talk and some creative commercials and if you are there, don’t just watch the game but be a part of it.


This mesmerizing festival held in Miami each year and is the most exhilarating electronic dance festival in the country. The festival is pop up by more than 10,000 people.


It is so captivating to enlightened sky by thousands of glowing lanterns. This fest is nothing but a full magic. A must see event in USA.


An event for true jazz music listeners, this ten day festival will give you the jazz music you want and after that, you will have a list of new artists to listen and to follow.


This race is held in Charleston and is the most unique race in the country. Over 40,000 people partake in this run. The best part of this event is that the money it earns is donated to 15 different charities.


An American craft beer and food experience held at the National Building Museum in Downtown Washington. The festival features the best beers and cheese, so don’t miss the tempting event.


This artistic fair is arranged in Chicago’s historic Old Town Triangle District where you have 2D and 3D mixed media, drawing, painting, fiber, glass, ceramics, jewelry, photography, printmaking and works in steel, wood and stone.


Overlooking of literature and drama without Shakespeare is not a justice. More than 100,000 people gathered in Cedar city to attend this magnificent event each year to watch the plays put on stage which were written by Shakespeare. The live play on stage will definitely fascinate you. The festival will make your summer pretty memorable.


This water theme park ranked as one of the most attractive point in Orlando. Lot of enjoyment is available have to spend a perfect day with your kids and family, this park is super choice for you. Best thing about this park is it can accommodate 1300 people with opening hours of 8:00-5:30pm so no need to worry even the busiest travel time with the help of lahore best travel agency. Now let’s talk about its amusement and attractions. First of all here you can swim with dolphins in water paradise as it is basically a water park. You can feed exotic birds inside Explorer’s Aviary, Scuba diving in the Grand Reef, Enjoy an underwater walking tour and scrutinize Freshwater sanctuary and other marmosets, along with nonnative Wind-Away River.

Another perk of park is you can relish Breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks without paying as all these things encompass in ticket price. An auxiliary luxury of a sequestered chalet available with covered and uncovered seating and from here you can look the Dolphin Swim area. This locale is absolutely prodigious with lounge chairs, snacks and drinks. This place is perfect for mother with babies or young children who need catnap.

Discovery ticket also gives facility to take 14 day incalculable culpa to SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica. To visit Explorer’s Aviary, morning time is best as this time birds are hungry and you have a chance to graze them with your hands and in other hand Los Angeles Events are waiting for you.

At Discovery Core in Frog pond you are surrounded by plenty of wildlife animals and some rare species. Lily, Tad and Leap dolphins swim with you at Grand Reef. To spend time with dolphins you need to learn some techniques how to touch the dolphin. Instructor shows hand sign that how you can give a kiss to dolphin.

You can’t take camera inside water but no need to worry Discovery Core photographers capture every splendid moment of yours.

Another attraction is Sea Venture here you can go down, down 12 feet down in Ground Reef for walking tour. If you are ready for fun no need for diving certification here.

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