How Clear Aligners Help in Teeth Straightening

If you want to straighten your teeth, clear aligners might be your best option. Clear aligners will not only help you straighten your teeth but will also help you improve your smile. While traditional braces use connected wires to help move your teeth, clear aligners are usually a series of personalized mouthpieces.

Aligner Technology

Typically, aligner technology includes Invisalign. It uses some invisible tiny plastic shells to help patients straighten their teeth; for this technology to yield positive results within the shortest possible time, patients have to wear the aligners constantly. Additionally, clear aligner treatment presents an alternative option to traditional braces. While the conventional braces are permanent, invisible aligners are detachable and require replacement at intervals of 7 to 14 days.

Once you visit your doctor, they will take your teeth models to help them create your aligners. Additionally, depending on the gradual movement of your teeth towards straightness, your specialist will have to create a series of clear aligners. For best results, patients might require about 10 to 50 aligners per series. Generally, this rage depends on how complex the patient’s condition is, the consistency of wearing the aligners. Your jaw bone also determines the duration as movement resistance might delay the desired results.

How Clear Aligners Work

Clear aligners usually apply gentle pressure on the teeth. The applied pressure usually passes via the roots to the jaws. This helps in moving the teeth with time to attain the patient’s goal. With the applied pressure, your jaw bone will respond by moving your teeth and sockets. Read more about 5 Treatment Solutions for the Crooked Teeth.

Generally, with the help of a qualified dentist, aligner technology offers comfortable and gentle teeth alignment. For the best result, most specialists usually recommend wearing the aligners for about 22 hours daily.

How Clear Aligners Helps Straighten Your Teeth

Attaining straight teeth with clear aligners is not an overnight thing, as many people think. However, there are several parts involved in aligner therapy for successful results. Typically, the clear aligners are usually not attached to your teeth. For this reason, your specialist will use some attachments, also known as the pressure points, to apply some pressure to your teeth.

The pressure points’ shape and placement usually depend on the kind of movement needed. Once placed, the attachments will help you apply pressure on the teeth via your aligners, thus straightening your teeth. In addition, some aligner therapies may require elastics, commonly utilized with conventional orthodontics. They are similar to small rubber bands attached to your aligner slots to shift your lower and upper teeth.

Generally, clear aligner teeth straightening therapy do not need an anesthetic as they cause no discomfort. Also, if your aligners don’t fit well, your specialist can perform minor resizing or reshaping to offer the desired comfort. It is also essential to note that clear aligners can only help you manage minor to complex teeth issues. However, some problems might require other treatment procedures to help you straighten your teeth while enhancing your beautiful smile.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Clear Aligners

Typically, not everyone is a suitable candidate for clear or invisible aligners. If you consider straightening your teeth via this method, be sure to visit your orthodontist for assessment. They may mention aligners are good for you, while for others, it may be better to try Dental Implants in Colorado Springs if that’s what your unique situation requires. It really depends. Also, be sure to look for a reputable specialist for the best results. As mentioned above, clear aligners are usually customized hence ideal for teens and adults. However, it might be a challenge to straighten kids’ teeth as their mouths and jaws are still developing and growing.

Generally, clear aligners are suitable for patients with minor spacing issues or moderately crowded teeth. Be sure to visit us today and discuss the best treatment for your teeth condition.


For quick best results, be sure to wear your clear aligners for about 22 hours every day. That is because your teeth can only move and straighten when subjected to constant pressure. Failure to adhere to this will prolong your treatment or yield undesired results.

It is also vital to note the importance of keeping your clear aligner change schedule as recommended by your orthodontist. During your visit, our dentist will also help you monitor the aligner’s fit. It might not be easy to predict how long it might take for the best results; thus, flexibility is vital. For more detail about our services, be sure to visit or call us to schedule an appointment with our dentist today.

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