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Many people bid goodbye to their home countries to further their careers and support their families. However, there are also a great many youngsters who choose to move away from their homeland to study and explore their academic options. With its economy in full swing, Dubai is now focusing on improving its institutes by hiring the best of the best teachers from the world over, making Dubai now famous for providing excellent education. This, however, comes with a downside for student residency is too costly for the undergraduates. To solve this issue, we are listing down below some of the best institutes in Dubai, and getting villa for sale in Dubai nearby institutes can prove to be very beneficial for youngsters.

Murdoch University Dubai

With its main branch located in Western Australia, Murdoch University is known for its vibrant campuses and skill-based education. The University has hired extremely knowledgeable teachers that are not merely concerned with imparting their knowledge but are also very keen to guide the students. Moreover, the degree of Murdoch holds the same worth as it does in its branch in Australia. The adjacent neighborhood also has an educational atmosphere, as most of the residents are students themselves.

Manipal Academy of Higher education in Dubai

Manipal Academy of Higher Education is known for its wide exterior and exuberant interiors. The branch of this University in Dubai is an extension of Manipal India. What sets this institute apart is its staggering numbers of Alumni and the fact that over 28,000 are welcomed in this University per year. There also has been an increase in the number of villas in sale nearby this University.

Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI)

This incredible University is a nonprofit school that is authorized by the Higher Education Ministry of UAE. It offers a curriculum curated efficiently by the well-reputed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the famous Parsons School of Design. Furthermore, the landlords of the villas in the neighborhoods of this University are very considerate towards the students’ needs.

Middlesex University Dubai

This extremely diverse institute is the branch of the well-known and the exemplary Middlesex University of London. Since Dubai happens to be as nearly as metropolitical as London, the atmosphere of this University is very reasonable for students belonging to various cultural backgrounds. The goal of the Middlesex University of Dubai is to train its students to lead a well-balanced and efficient life and to make their way out of a great many challenges along with contributing to the betterment of their communities. The residential areas near this University are well fitted for local and expatriate students.

Swiss School of Management in Dubai

Enjoying the reputation of being one of the top-most management schools, the Swiss School of Management is the institute many students of business vie to get admission in. This institute provides the most pocket-friendly courses and excellent education quality, a combination that is rare to find. It further provides growth opportunities for its students to become highly skilled and specialized individuals.

Since most of the students, it is impractical to buy a residence in a place that they will soon be leaving and very disrupting to live in dorms. Therefore Dubai never runs out of the options of Villa for rent in Dubai

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