Toys that came from the future and became the dream of all children

Educational dolls, pikler triangles, talking soft toys, construction sets with robotic parts – the 21st century has become a time when technologies have entered into everyday life. What will be the best toys from the future – smart robots or annoying flying drones? The answer is very close.

Anki Overdrive Race Track

Reade set Go!  Anki Overdrive racing cars are a major step forward in toy robotics. The basic set includes eight track modules and two supercars with unique capabilities, virtual weapons and technologies. You can also purchase additional modules (jumps, ramps, slides)  – then the  game with friends will be even more exciting.

How it works: Cars on the race track are driven by mobile devices. Connect the magnetic tracks, launch the Anki Overdrive app, the program will automatically connect the cars- therace will begin!


This is a mini projector, completely safe for the child. There is no blue spectrum in it, which overloads the nervous system and prevents children from relaxing. It can be directed to any light surface, let the children watch cartoons in a comfortable position, and not curled up, as in front of the screen of a smartphone or tablet. You can take the cube with you wherever you go – it is only about the size of an orange, holds five hours of charging, cartoons are already loaded into it.

Principle: in each MultiKubike application is installed ” Multi” with an annual subscription (educational and entertaining cartoons from Russian studios). The application is available on the AppStore, Google Play and Android TV platforms;, Megafon TV, Yandex.Music and others are also available.

LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 Robots

LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 Building Blocks are programmable robotics kits that let you control your own LEGO robots. We are sure that robots will arouse the interest of students and inspire them to jointly discuss real problems and find creative solutions. The assembled toy is fascinatingly tested with sets of motors, sensors and LEGO building elements.

Principle of operation: robots operate autonomously or receive commands from a tablet via Bluetooth.Source: Learning high school subjects such as physics, math, computer science and technology  with the LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 building blocks will become much more intuitive!

Robot WALL-I

The WALL-E robot can play music and dance to it (not in the twerk style, of course, but also energetically), speak several phrases, including the crown “Valley” and “Eve”, move with the help of caterpillar wheels, and much more – everything 1000 combinations. The charming WALL-E is equipped with an animatronic eye-stand. By nature, he is sensitive and romantic, brave and inventive.

Principle of operation: the mechanism is controlled from an infrared remote control. It has 12 buttons, 10 of which are for programming actions. Together with your child, you can dream up and lay down any sequence of them in the robot’s memory.

Sphero BB-8 droid

A working model of the robot was specially created for the movie “Star Wars”. E is the technology formed the basis for the creation of thumbnails astromech droid BB-8 from the company Sphero. Baby BB-8 is simple, although it doesn’t look like that: it has a  powerful magnet, a special rotating device, an accelerometer (a device that measures the projection of acceleration). BB-8 skilfully rides the surface, surveys the terrain and displays holographic images.

Principle: h To control toy, you will need a smartphone that runs on iOS or Android platform and supports Bluetooth. The proprietary Sphero BB-8 application with a simple and intuitive interface is installed on the phone. The BB-8 will surprise you with its LED eye blinking, head nodding and turning, and voice response. This robot has every chance of becoming your new friend.

Fighting robot Ganker

Ganker is a fast, powerful and agile combat robot. Thanks to him, you can arrange truly colorful and dynamic battles. The toy has a modular design, so if you wish, you can replace or improve the chassis, armor or weapons.

Principle of operation: a special application  controls the operation of each element. It also provides the ability to create a “combo”: set a certain sequence of actions, and then use it in battle. An interesting damage system will record the impacts and their strength, after which the application will calculate the damage caused. At what amount of damage the robot is considered a loser – you decide. By the way, Ganker is not only capable of fighting, he can also participate in races or play football.

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