Best Hairless Dog Breeds

There are so many dog breeds out there, each with varying coat colors, sizes, and shapes. A dog’s appearance is what makes it stand out among other breeds. Some have a dense coating, others have thin, curly, or straight fur.

Nevertheless, there is that rare hairless dog breed that stands out on its own. These types of dog breeds carry a certain gene that makes them completely hairless or has little hair on their head. They also vary in personality and appearance, but most of them are closely related.

Moreover, these hounds are hypoallergenic meaning if you suffer from dog fur allergies, then this might be the breed for you. That said, here is a list of some of the best hairless hounds available.

  • Chinese crested

This hound is partly hairy. In fact, it is considered among the hairiest furless dogs available. Although the body is hairless, the head and the feet are covered with fur.

The fur variation is known as powderpuff and is a result of a recessive gene. Moreover, crested dogs are fun companions and can make the perfect lap dogs.

They are also super playful, affectionate, and loyal to their family members. It is also worth noting that the skin of the Chinese crested is very sensitive and can easily get blackheads or acne.

  • Xoloitzcuintli

The Xoloitzcuintli is also known as the Mexican Hairless Dog, were initially bred as watchdogs and companions for the ancient Aztecs.

These hounds come in different sizes including miniature, toy, and standard size. Because of their strong hunting instinct, it is crucial to socialize them from puppyhood especially if you have other dogs and small animals in your home.

With proper training, they can also become good playmates to kids. Generally, these hounds are lively and super active.

  • American hairless terrier

The American hairless terrier is closely similar to the Rat terrier in terms of temperament and appearance.

Typically, they are hyperactive, curious, and super smart. Often, they grow up to 16 inches and will even have whiskers and eyebrows. Their ears are V-shaped and erect and have varying skin colors including apricot, black, red chocolate, and other combinations.

Like most hairless animals, this breed is prone to sunburn and doesn’t do well in cold areas. See a few more examples here

  • Argentine Pila Dog

The Argentine pila are usually mistaken for a Hairless Khala due to their strong resemblance. However, these pups come in three sizes and can grow between 10 to 18 inches.

They also feature an elevated curly tail and a shorter back. Their unique body structure makes them very agile meaning they can jump, run and climb trees swiftly. so, expect them to run all over the place.

Even so, these pups make excellent apartment dogs and are quite adaptable. They will also bark at strangers but they aren’t aggressive.

  • Hairless Chihuahua

Chihuahua is among the most popular dog breed in the world. Most of them come with a short double or a single coat of different shades.

However, there is a hairless version too, much rarer and more unique. It’s quite unusual to come across a hairless chihuahua but if you do count yourself lucky.

Harless chihuahua is a result of a genetic defect that is common in most hairless dogs. Although Chihuahua is a small bread, they are bold, territorial, and protective of their family members.

  • Jonangi

These pups are jovial, friendly, and easily trainable. Jonangis come from India and were originally bred as hunters and herders. They are bald and produce a distinctive yodel-like sound when they bark.

Moreover, they can grow up to 17 to 18 inches tall and weigh approximately 28 to 48 pounds. The breed tends to be uneasy around strangers but very friendly and exceptionally loyal to its family members including kids.

Jonangis are not entirely hairless but have a silky coating to protect them from the harsh summer weather that is experienced in India.

  • Bolivian Hairless Dog

Just like their name suggests, these breeds come from Bolivia. Most people consider them primitive due to their character.

Initially, the Bolivian was bred for a job in the society but later transitioned into a companion and a hunting dog. They actually come in two variations including the Khala Grande and the Khala Medio.

They are common in Mexico and Central America but rare in other parts of the world. It is also believed that these hounds require a lot of socializing at their youthful age as well.

  • Peruvian Inca Orchid

This breed originated from Peru and had three versions including a coated one. They are popular for their mohawk-like hairstyle and have hair on the tail as well.

Their skin is very delicate and may require intensive care to keep it healthy. The Peruvian Inca Orchid has excellent hunting skills and can help its owners spot and track games. Still, they make good companions and play buddies.

The skin is normally solid and spotted, though this depends on the specific dog. They are also exceedingly rare to find today even in Peru.


Hairless hounds make the perfect companion for a household that’s allergic to dog fur. Moreover, they enjoy curling up and cuddling with their owners for warmth. While these breeds may not shed, they still need regular care to keep their skin healthy. Be sure to wash and moisturize your pet’s skin often to keep it clean and hydrated. Also, protect your dog’s skin from direct sunlight and keep it warm when cold.

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