ISO 14001 Certification: Doing Your Part in Environmental Conservation

Whether you’re a company for waste management or an organisation going sustainable, an environmental management system (EMS) is essential. EMS is the voluntary responsibility you take towards protecting the ecosystem and responding to our planet’s ecological requirements. Doing your share to save the world you’re living in has become a necessary part of businesses.

To showcase to the world your willingness and dedication to comply, you will need an ISO 14001 Certification. Don’t feel troubled already with the numbers and the acronym! It’s a guarantee from your organization that it will maintain the environmental standards with utmost responsibility.

What Is ISO 14001?

ISO Certification is an international standard for companies implementing an environmental management system with guidelines. It aims to organize and optimize the functioning of an organization sustainably.

You can’t always trust the words, but a certification guarantees the efforts and the eventual performance. ISO Certification is an investment from the company to create an environmental impact assurance from its behalf to the world. Read more about Is it Worth Getting PMP Certified?

The ISO standard comes with a set of guidelines to incorporate:

  • Organizational Aspect
  • Planning
  • Management
  • Support
  • Operations
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Improvement

The standard doesn’t only exist to make your organizational functioning eco-friendly but also improve management quality.

Ecological sustainability is not a buzzword anymore for businesses!

Who Should Get the ISO 14001 Certification?

The Certification works the best for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to earn more green credentials or just want to stay away from the complicated environmental legislations, ISO will be your support!

With a whopping 3,50,000 companies from 171 countries getting certified, the businesses are gravitating towards the Certification for environmental management. Want to know why?

1. Cut Down on Energy and Material Expenditure

With reduced costs for the energy consumption to insurance at a lower price, the benefits of EMS keep the organization growing!

2. Keep Up With Your Marketing

With the ever-rising global warming and concerns over it, the consumers are getting conscious of the surroundings and the services. Earning a green reputation through the Certification helps your marketability and better company image.

3. Become More Competitive and Efficient

The Certification enhances your chances of getting contracts more frequently and quickly. ISO isn’t only a business certification and a ladder to access better market opportunities.

4. Inclusive Growth

Since the Certification requires the organizational management to be an active part of the operations, every element of the business counts, it enables every company member to take part and actively ensure better leadership and innovation.

Good for the environment, great for the business!

It sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it?

The Success Stories:

It’s one thing to consider a standard as a businesses’ requirement and different when you feel accountable with the objective of the standard. ISO Certification has proved to bring out the responsibility in the organizations.

  • The United Arab Emirates, with the ISO certification for all of its organizations, has become the Gulf leader in EM.
  • Premier Foods, a leading company, is now recycling 100% of its site wastage with ISO Certification.

Whether you want to gain a competitive advantage or want to leave the world better than you’ve arrived in, ISO 14001 gives you the push. The Certification makes you talk about what you and your business can do to the environment daily. It’s a giant leap from exploitation to execution!

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