Why Is My Phone Not Charging? | My Phone Not Charge

Sometimes we connect the charger to the phone and the phone not charge why? It’s a catastrophe! Your smartphone has run out of battery and charging does not seem to work.

“Why is my phone not charging?” »You will ask us?

To answer this question, the MXUK team explains 5 reasons that may explain this problem and also offers solutions to remedy it.

Why My Phone Not Charge

1. The first thing to do: restart your phone

If you suddenly notice that your phone doesn’t seem to want to charge, start by simply restarting the device. It is quite possible that this loading problem is caused by a small glitch that can be resolved with a simple restart.

This is because when you restart your phone, all background apps are automatically quit. The basic components of the device also benefit from a refresh, in case one of them has failed.

If your phone charges properly after restarting, it might be wise to review the third-party apps installed on your device. This allows you to remove any that do not inspire you to trust and that could potentially cause problems.


2. Replace the power supply or the cable of your charger.

Another reason that could explain why your phone is not charging is that your charging accessories are faulty. These flaws might be invisible to the naked eye, but they can have a big impact on the effectiveness of the accessories.

For example, a wire inside the charging cable might have become loose, or the power supply might have suffered internal damage.

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To confirm if the problem is with your charging accessories, plug your phone into another charger that you know is working. If your device charges normally with that other charger, you know the problem is with the cable or with the mains power.

It is also possible that the problem lies with the electrical outlet in which your charger is plugged. If the outlet is defective, the electricity does not flow and your cell phone does not charge. So check your catch before buying new accessories.


3. Clean the dust accumulated in the USB port

You may have the best protective cell phone case on the market, but it’s next to impossible to keep dust and debris from entering your phone’s USB port.

So, the reason your phone no longer charging maybe that too much gunk has accumulated in its charging port. If this is the case for your device, it will be necessary to clean the dust to be able to charge your phone.

To do this, take a dry cotton swab and try to wipe off the surface dust. You can also inspect the port more closely with a flashlight to see if any larger debris has become lodged in it.

To remove them, use a small tool such as a needle or a SIM card extraction tool. Then insert it into the port and very gently dislodge the debris.


Why My Phone Not Charge

4. Check the battery status of your device

Another reason that may justify a problem with charging your cell phone is that its battery is damaged or has become obsolete. Indeed, if you use a charger that is too powerful for the battery of your phone, it may be damaged much faster.

It is also possible that the battery has simply had its day and it is time to replace it.

If you have an iPhone, testing your device’s battery efficiency is easy. All you have to do is go to Phone Settings, then click on “Battery”. If a message appears above the “Power saving mode” option, it means your battery needs to be changed.

If you have an Android cell phone instead, you will need to download the Ampere app. This free application is able to detect the amperage that the phone is receiving while it is charging. The app can therefore tell you if the battery is receiving too much or too little current and determine the condition of the battery.

5. What if your phone’s fast charging mode doesn’t work?

Some brands of mobile devices, such as Samsung and Huawei, offer fast charging technology. As the name suggests, when this mode is activated, the charging time of the cellphone is much less important.

But what can you do if this charging method turns out to be faulty overnight? Here are some tips:

Use an appropriate power supply: Some power supplies are not suitable for fast charging. Make sure yours is appropriate for this feature and that it is the brand of your phone. Power supplies from third-party companies could cause charging issues.

  • Switch off your smartphone during the charging period: a switched off device charges much faster than a device in use
  • Perform a system update
  • Reset the phone to factory settings: this measure is a last resort. If you do this step, make sure to save absolutely all
  • your data as it will be deleted upon reset.
  • Your phone is no longer charging?
  • Several causes can be at the origin of a problem charging your smartphone. Dust in the port may be preventing
  • connection to the power supply. Or, your charging accessories have become defective over time.
  • However, another more unfortunate possibility is that your cell phone has decided to bow out.
  • If this is your case and you are looking to replace your broken device, look no further! You can find a used smartphone like new at Recycell at an unbeatable price.

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